Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 703

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Quinn said, “I mean, it’s not like straight is the only way these days…”

“Hold it right there,” Zoe promptly stopped her. “I’m straight. Super straight!”

Don’t put it as if she wasn’t!

When they arrived at the restaurant and strode into the lobby, Zoe paused for a brief moment.

She felt like she had seen something she should not be seeing.

Quinn followed her gaze to find a rather familiar figure. Zoe’s eyes turned moist as she watched the
man from the back, and murmured, “John…?”

She kept herself cut off from everything after leaving North City for a very long time, without checking
the news or watching TV.

She was hence oblivious to a great many things. When she thought that she had calmed down enough,
she found out about John’s death from the news.

It had been six months since the time, and she had forgotten how she felt when she saw the headline.

All she knew was that her tears were gushing, and she felt the impulse to call Cordy.

But… What was there to ask after so long?

Yet now, seeing him again made her sad again.

“Probably a mistake,” Quinn pointed out. “I mean, he didn’t fake his death, right?’

Zoe turned away and blinked back her tears.

There was certainly no chance of duplicity-that meant she must’ve been mistaken.

“Come on. Cord/s waiting for us inside.’

They entered their private room, where Cordy was waiting.

She would never hurry them because she knew that Quinn was a terrible driver, and so waited quietly.

“So? Did things go well at the competition?” She asked Zoe.

“Nope.’ Quinn beat Zoe to answer. “She said Jay helped her through backdoor means.’

Cordy turned towards Zoe, who shrugged, disinclined to elaborate. “I don’t know if that counts, actually.
Anyway, let’s not talk about the stuff that gets you in a bad mood.”

“So you already are in a bad mood,” Cordy concluded.

“Well, we can drink our sorrows away,” Quinn said. She turned to Cordy.” It’s the weekend tomorrow.
You’re not working, are you?”

“Yep,” Cordy assured.

“Zoe, you can still hold your liquor after all these years, can’t you?” Quinn asked, while gesturing for a
waiter to bring in the alcohol.

“You’re kidding,” Zoe snorted. “Call me washed, but never say that I can’t drink!’

Cordy and Quinn could not help smiling. It seemed they would drown themselves in alcohol tonight.

To no surprises, by the time they were done with dinner, they had finished over twenty expensive
bottles of beer.

Cordy felt her vision blurring from all the alcohol, since she wasn’t that good at drinking.

Quinn was in contrast average, and while Zoe was a good drinker, she still drank too much.

Intoxicated, the trio were left staring dazedly at each other with flushed faces.

“Want to move on to the next joint?” Quinn suggested.

She used to be the most rational amongst the trio, but she started to let loose at some point in time—
perhaps people do change with age.

On the other hand, Zoe was much more disciplined. The girl who had once been carefree, self-
indulgent and fearless became matured, restrained, tactful, and compromising.

That was the case for Cordy as well, who grew less interested in so many things that she was
becoming quiet and withdrawn.

“Nope, it’s late,” Zoe mumbled, burping.

She had been the most playful, but she was now the most restrained.

“I have a rehearsal at the studio early tomorrow. People will be saying that I’m using the backdoor if I’m
late. Burp…”

“You have a backdoor, and it’s us. You just refused to take it,” Quinn said while burping.

“C-Cant I at least look noble?”

“Does that put food on the table?”

“…I can afford food,” Zoe replied.

Quinn was speechless, but Cordy said rationally, “Alright, it’s past ten now.

Let’s go home. Zoe’s going to be busy tomorrow.”

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