Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 704

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Quinn didn’t push them at that point—her best friend’s health and career was more important than a
brief moment of fun.

With that, the trio shambled out of their private room.

They had really drunk too much out of a moment of impulse.

Cordy could barely keep her guts in, which was churning the instant she reached the walkway. “I need
the ladies’ room.”

She rushed towards the shared washroom outside without a pause, but moved so quickly she didn’t
have time to see which one she ran inside.

“Blargh…” She was vomiting her guts out in front of the sink in no time at all, feeling sick again as soon
as she paused for a moment.

It really had been a while since she drank.

Back when her insomnia started, Jim suggested alcohol, but it proved useless and even left her with
head-splitting headaches.

She didn’t drink much since then, but indulged herself this time since it was rare to hang out with Quinn
and Zoe.


She started vomiting again after a couple seconds, and it took a long while for her stomach to finally
feel better.

As she rinsed her mouth and looked up at the huge mirror before her, she was left dumbstruck at the
next instant.

A man was standing right there, urinating.

Did she stumble into the men’s room by mistake?!

“Are you done looking?” the man asked.

His voice was a little familiar… No, he looked familiar too!

Isn’t that Lucas?!

However, Cordy was a little drunk and her head was a little muddled.

Her eyes unwittingly slid downward, and Lucas was immediately glowering. “You’re still looking? Don’t
you feel shame, woman?!”

Cordy promptly looked downwards, her stomach churning again once she did, and…


Lucas’ face darkened.

Forget looking-she actually puked?!

She was doing this on purpose, wasn’t she?!

Cordy, however, kept vomiting until she was spitting bile when she finally calmed down.

She wiped her face, and was ready to leave.

She could just pretend nothing happened, since getting into the wrong washroom wasn’t something to
brag about.

As she strode out, her heels clicking in her wake, Lucas also finished washing his hands and headed
out as well.

However, Cordy was still very dizzy, and the floor was a little slippery. She hadn’t walked for more than
a few steps when she slipped, and looked ready to fall.

She promptly reached out to grab the nearest person by instinct, but missed his shirt, catching his
trousers instead…and pulling it straight down!

To make things worse, while she fell face down before his feet, the people outside heard the noise and
rushed inside, “Are you alright, Cordy?” Thus, an infamous scene came to be!

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