Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 705

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Zoe and Quinn both rushed into the men’s room.

They had been feeling dazed, and so never realized that they should go into the washroom with Cordy
to help her out. Still, they were startled when they heard the loud thud inside, and charged inside
without noticing that it was the men’s room…where they were left astonished.

They both wondered if they were hallucinating from all that alcohol. Why else would they see Cordy in
such an embarrassing position?

One must understand that she was a goddess, perfect in manners and bearing, never once losing
dignity in public.

And yet, right now…

Both Zoe and Quinn were blinking in disbelief, staring at Cordy after she pulled down a man’s pants
and before falling before his feet.

It was a sight that burnt itself into one’s memory; both Zoe and Quinn forgot to help Cordy, their eyes
drifting simultaneously from Cordy up to the man’s muscular long legs, and the black boxers that were
hugging his rounded posterior, i

They were too drunk to bother hiding their stares, and kept ogling at the man’s perfect figure.

They really were best friends, no question about it! It was such a divine sight that Cordy must’ve
thought it a waste to enjoy it alone, and was therefore inviting them to admire it together.

Zoe started drooling before she knew it, and she quickly wiped it off.

She told herself to stay calm, but she wasn’t calm at all.

Naturally, she wasn’t continuing to ogle at the man, but was thinking something else.

Isn’t he John?!

Zoe rubbed her eyes-there was no doubting it.

She was so drunk that she saw a ghost!

And the instant she realized that, she shrieked, ‘Oh, my god! A ghost!”

On the other hand, Lucas was murderous. He clenched his shaking fist, and dropped to a crouch to pull
his pants out of Cordy’s hands, putting them back on.

Then, completely ignoring Cordy as she continued to lay on the floor in a daze, he turned to leave.

Zoe watched as ‘John’ strode towards her, her face turning pale as she clenched on Quinn. “S-Stop
right there!’

Quinn wasn’t at all scared at first, but fear was infectious, and she started to panic as well because of

“D-Do you want something? Just stay right there and tell us! I’ll bring you human sacrifice if you want!’
Zoe stammered from fear.

“Nutjobs,” Lucas muttered in annoyance, glancing briefly at Zoe as he strode past her.

The cool brush of air against Zoe’s face almost disembodied her soul, but John was long gone before
she came to her senses.

Meanwhile, Cordy pushed herself off the floor with much difficulty, and shot a complaining look at Zoe
and Quinn.

Weren’t they supposed to be best friends?! Why were they ogling at Lucas while leaving her on the
floor? Were pretty boys that much more important?!

Quinn sensed Cordy’s glare, and quickly pushed Zoe away. ‘ Are you alright, Cordy?”

Cordy was silent, which left Quinn feeling a little awkward.

However, she really was out of it a moment ago.

Zoe came to her senses after much difficulty as well, and quickly asked,” Cordy… Did you just see

Speechless, Cordy gulped and slowly nodded.

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