Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 706

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Cordy had seen ‘that’ alright.

It really hurt her eyes to see it; she needed to wash them when she got home.

“So I wasn’t imagining it?” Zoe’s face turned paler.

While Cordy and Quinn were both left perplexed, Zoe panickily tugged on Cordy’s sleeve. “He must
have some grudge that keeps him here to rise from the grave like that! That’s why he’s haunting us…
Come on, we have to visit his grave right this instant!’

“Visit whose grave?’ Cordy was perplexed, suddenly realizing that Zoe was operating on a completely
different wavelength from herself.

Was Zoe really that drunk?

“His grave, of course!’ Zoe said solemnly. “He must be getting lonely.”

“What… Oh?!’

Cordy yelped as Zoe started dragging her away. Her body was already aching from the fall just now,
and her ankles were swollen.

And now, she was getting dragged unceremoniously around by Zoe!

Next time…

No, there wouldn’t be a next time. She was never drinking with them again, but if she had to, she
wouldn’t get drunk!

Restraint seemed out of the question whenever they get drunk!

On the other hand, Quinn was shocked by Zoe reacting as if she was possessed-how much did the girl
drink that she was no longer making sense of?!

“Slow down, Zoe!”

Disregarding her terrible headache, she promptly gave chase while feeling dizzy, despite retaining an
iota of sobriety.

At the same time, Zoe was moving so fast that Cordy felt like she was floating.

Soon they were out of the restaurant, and Zoe managed to stop a taxi.

Almost left behind, Quinn had to run until she was wheezing when she finally made it in.

Before she could catch his breath, however, she heard Zoe telling the cabbie, “The nearest florist,

“What? Flowers in the middle of the night? Why?”

“Mind your own business,” Zoe snapped, utterly tense. ‘Or he might haunt you too!’

The cabbie was suddenly really spooked, and everyone felt the inertia shoving them against their seats
as the taxi shot forward.

The trio were drunk, and Cordy herself just finished puking, but the jerking motion of the taxi left her on
the verge of vomiting again.

Even Quinn was barely holding it in despite being able to earlier.

“There’s one right ahead, ladies…”

Eventually, the taxi stopped, and the trio promptly got out, running straight to the nearest trash can and
puking their guts out.

Never had any of them ended up looking this pathetic.

Still, Zoe only had to vomit for a while to feel better, and quickly left.

Cordy and Quinn were going to stop her, but they were still too sick and started vomiting again.

Later, Zoe returned with several bags, and gave them each a bottle of water. “To rinse your mouth.”

They had barely finished doing so and caught their breath, when Zoe dragged them both back into the

“Take us to the graveyard,” Zoe told the cabbie.

“To the…what?” The cabbie asked for confirmation.

Meanwhile, both Cordy and Quinn were suffering too much from their terrible headaches and
stomachaches to care what Zoe was doing…until they actually stopped at the place in the quiet
outskirts of the city.

There was only silence and darkness. Cordy and Quinn were suddenly both fully sober.

“Where did you take us, Zoe?!” Quinn couldn’t help snapping out loud, but it only got creepier as her
voice echoed in the empty, sinister surroundings.

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