Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 713

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Jay then asked, “Where are you staying?”

“Draxton Apartments,” Zoe quickly replied.

“You heard her,” Jay told the chauffeur.

“Yes, Mr. Parker,” the man replied respectfully and started the car.

The car sped along the broad, quiet streets in silence.

Somehow, the interior of the car was even quieter-one could even hear breathing inside.

It seemed that Zoe was really uncomfortable being alone with Jay in the same room, just like she had
been with him at the studio before.

This was a complete repeat of that experience now, and it felt like she was sitting on a carpet of

As such, Zoe kept staring outside the window without turning toward Jay once, therefore not noticing
that he was glancing at her a few times.

He watches as she basically pressed herself against the door, trying to keep her distance as much as

Jay tried to speak many times, but he ultimately chose silence.

When they arrived outside her apartment, Zoe quickly opened the door and said, “Thanks for the ride,
Mr. Parker.”

“Zoe.” Jay stopped her, honestly feeling like she was trying to bolt just then.

He really wanted to tell her that she did not have to—that he had a limp.

He would never catch up to her if she went a little faster.

“Your phone,” he said then, holding it out to her.

Zoe had actually forgotten about it entirely.

Jay actually wanted to return it for a while now, but he stayed silent because she was clearly being

As such, he chose to stay silent all this while.

“Oh!” Zoe exclaimed and took it back. ‘Thank you. See you.”

With that, she quickly left without so much as a look behind-she was that eager to vanish from his sight.

Jay watched as she made a break for it, hurrying further into the distance amid the night…

Perhaps when you miss out on someone once, you miss out on them forever.

Under the same night sky, the interior of another black car was equally silent.

Sam suddenly asked, “Do you want a divorce?”

Quinn was resting her eyes as she reclined against her seat.

She certainly was no Zoe-that girl would only be drunk briefly and get sober soon enough.

On the other hand, it would take a couple days for Quinn to recover from the hangover, and she was
still suffering a head-splitting headache at present.

All she wanted was to get home sooner and sleep-she might be getting sick by tomorrow too, after
running around so much with Zoe out in the cold night.

As such, she was still a little out of it when she heard Sam’s sudden offer and was left wondering if she
imagined it.

“Zoe’s right. You don’t have to save yourself for me, because I don’t need it, ” Sam continued coolly
then. “You’re the lawyer, so draft the divorce agreement yourself and show it to me-l’ll agree to anything
within my means. I’ll also talk to my parents myself.”

Quinn finally turned toward him. “Do you want to get divorced?’

“I’m fine either way.” Sam shrugged. “No skin off my back.”

“Then I’ll pass for now,’ Quinn said flatly.

While Sam narrowed his eyes at her, she turned away and added, “I don’t want the trouble.”

“Maybe I should remind you that your relationship with Ryan would be an extramarital affair as long as
you don’t divorce me?” Sam said. “Of course, I don’t care if you cheat on me or anything-not when I did
it to you umpteenth times. Your reputation will suffer regardless, and you might not be able to bear what
others say about you.” “I don’t have to suffer their criticism,” Quinn said slowly and clearly.

“Whatever you say,” Sam replied and said nothing else.

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