Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 714

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Their car soon arrived at Saunders Mansion and Quinn alighted.

Sam stayed inside, looking like he had no intention of moving.

“Not getting out?” Quinn asked.


“Not going in?”



“What do you mean ‘why’?” Sam asked in return.

Quinn simply stood there, watching him.

He rolled his eyes and growled impatiently, “I was in prison for three years, Quinn Summer. That
means three years without action-what do you think I want to do most after getting out?’

“Aren’t I enough?” Quinn asked.

Sam glowered right then, but she simply continued, demanding, “Are the women out there that much
better? Do I sicken you that much? Are my breasts too small or my hips too wide?”

“I don’t need anyone who’s forcing themselves to do something they don’t like.”

“Did I ever say I was forcing myself?”

“Quinn Summer!” Sam flew into a rage right then.

His poor temper never changed—and it probably never would, no matter how much time had passed or
whatever he went through.

Even after serving his sentence, Sam was still goofing off and not trying to impress himself at all, and
he still had that chip on his shoulder.

“I don’t need your sympathy,” he growled slowly and clearly. “Also, for someone like me, having a
record or being in prison doesn’t matter!’

“I’ll admit that I didn’t think that I’d fall for you,” Quinn suddenly said.

Sam simply sneered—his feathers would never be ruffled when he expected that.

Even so, Quinn continued, her eyes fixed on him, ‘You never gave me a chance to do so either. You
push me away whenever I try to get close, and that is never going to help us develop our relationship.”

“And did I ever ask for that?”

“We’re married.”

“I just offered a divorce.’

“And I said no,” Quinn said bluntly.

“What the hell do you want?!” Same barked right then. ‘Get your hands off the car-l’m leaving. You
have no idea how restless someone gets after they are kept waiting for so long. Hell, I was ready to get
some when you called me, and I’ve already been as nice as I can be… Umph!”

Sam’s eyes widened as he watched Quinn suddenly arch her back, wrapped her arms around his neck
and pressed her lips against his.

The faint scent of alcohol swirled between his nostrils, and it was slightly intoxicating.

She was drunk?! Was that why she got the wrong person?

Why else would she kiss him? She had always despised him for being filthy!

But even as he abruptly shoved her off, he seemed to see the restrained emotions in her eyes…

No, he must have imagined it—it was too dark to see anything clearly anyway.

“What do you think you’re doing?!’ he bellowed in rage and wiped his lips.


Her scent was all over him now!

“Is it illegal to kiss my own husband?” Quinn asked in return.

Sam paused right then and stared at her, realizing that she had been completely intoxicated tonight.

He was already surprised when Quinn called him to post her bail at the precinct.

But come to think of it, she did that because she did not want his family- especially Ryan-to see her

In contrast, she did not care about him or what he thought about her.

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