Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 715

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So what the hell was Quinn up to now?!

How could she bear to say the word ‘husband’, especially to him?!

“How much did you drink, woman?!” he bellowed. “Don’t do it if you can’t hold your liquor, and I’m never
taking your crap-“

“Let’s start over, Sam,” Quinn suddenly said.

Her gaze, expression, and overall bearing was serious.

Sam’s heart skipped a beat, and it felt like he was struck by something-it did not hurt, but it was a
powerful feeling nonetheless and one that he could not begin to describe, i

“We’re married, so why don’t we give each other a chance?” Quinn continued. “Let’s move out of
Saunders Mansion and stay somewhere else together and try to make this work, okay?”

Sam had to tell himself that this was not real, that he must never believe her-that she was just talking
out of her butt.

How could she say something like making their marriage work when she could not wait to leave him?

She must have been doing very well for herself over the last three years, since she never visited him in

Hold on, she actually did-he turned her down at the time.

But even if he told himself that she was just drunk, and he would be the one picking up the pieces in
the end… he nodded.

For some accursed reason or another, he did it.

Quinn was drunk, right? She should not be able to see his reaction…

But that was when he saw her tense expressions turn into a smile of relief.

She was beaming beautifully like a flower.

Damn it.

Sam swore under his breath—that woman was going to kill him eventually!

Although Cordy was the first to leave the precinct with Lucas, she did not drag her feet only because
she was worried Zoe would do something ridiculous again.

She must have been drunk and was therefore not seeing clearly, mistaking Lucas’ likeness to John and
believing him to be John himself.

And yet, that confident tone of hers made Cordy remember Richard, who stubbornly believed that
Lucas was John.

Zoe was just like that.

And if the two people who stayed with John the longest got it wrong…

“Are we going to your place?” Lucas suddenly asked grumpily.

Gordy’s trail of thought was interrupted, which only served to reinforce her belief that Lucas was not

There was just no way.

“Where else would I go?” Cordy asked in turn, equally grumpy.

“I came out to help you, Cordy Sachs. You’d better be nice,” Lucas warned, clearly not about to suffer

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