Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 719

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“Cordy!” Nana appeared excited to see Cordy, perhaps surprised that she would run into her at the

Cordy had wanted to get out of the elevator immediately and take the next one, but that plan failed.

“What a coincidence,” she replied.

“It is!” Nana exclaimed chipperly. “What are you doing here?”

“Just a little cold.’

“You too?” Nana was surprised. “Lucas too-he had a fever and a cold, and his temperature was 103
when I checked. He refused to come to the hospital despite that, and I had to force him to come here.
See? His face is as red as a beetroot.”

Cordy turned toward Lucas, who quickly turned away.

He was as proud as he always was, though his cheeks were ridiculously red.

Cordy snickered since it was really funny, but he saw her reaction.

Narrowing his eyes and returning her gaze, he snapped, “Do you think you’re any better?! You’re
redder than me!”

Cordy was left speechless—the man really could hold a grudge.

“Why are you being so rude to Cordy?” Nana demanded, slightly disgruntled.

“No, that’s how I usually talk.” Lucas denied it right then.

“No, you were. She’s our cousin, so you shouldn’t talk to her like that or I’m getting upset,” Nana said.

Her voice was sickly sweet, and her words sounded more like flirting than a warning.

“Fine.” Lucas gave in reluctantly.

The elevator soon arrived, and Cordy stepped out first, followed by Lucas and Nnaa.

However, Cordy somehow managed to put some distance between herself and them even though she
was not walking particularly quickly.

Nana watched as she left and wheeled on Lucas, huffing. “See? You upset Cordy and she’s not
ignoring me too.”

“She’s just being petty,” Lucas replied nonchalantly.

“Don’t be so rude with her from now on. Get it?” Nana warned him again.

“Yeah.” Lucas agreed to it impatiently.

“Also, you’re not usually like that with everyone else. Why are you always so rude to her?” Nana asked
seriously, as if she really did not get it.

Lucas’ heart skipped a beat, and he was pursing his lips unwittingly.

“Lucas?” Nana clearly sensed that something was weird right then.

“I treat everyone like that,” Lucas replied with composure as he came to his senses. “Except for you!”

“Really?” Nana growned. “I had this feeling you treat Cordy differently, like you’re more interested—”


“Okay, I believe you.” Nana wrapped her hands affectionately around his arm. “You shouldn’t get
interested in girls other than me too, since you promised to take care of me for the rest of my life. Don’t
break that promise now.”

“Yeah.” Lucas nodded, and he certainly never thought of letting Nana down.

She was the only woman in his memories, and there was no one else.

He just was not aware that his life was not as simple as he thought.

Cordy was admitted to the VVIP ward and hooked on to an IV.

She had already contracted a 102 degree fever by the time she arrived at the hospital, and it was not
surprising that she felt lightheaded, 1

Though she was lying on a comfortable hospital bed, she felt like she was falling apart.

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