Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 720

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Cordy felt like she never had a good day ever since she met Lucas.

She caught cold twice when she never fell sick before, and she kept tripping over when she never fell…

He really was a jinx.


Nana suddenly called out from the doorway.

Cordy turned toward her and replied, “Nana.”

“I knew you’d be here. Lucas is having an IV infusion next door,” Nana said as she walked up to her
bed. “Are you okay alone? Should I keep you company?”

“I’m fine. You should stay with Lucas.”

“But your face looks so red,” Nana said worriedly.

“It’s normal for a fever. I’ll be fine when my fever breaks.”

“Oh.” Nana nodded and said eagerly, “I’ll peel an apple for you.”

“You don’t have to…’

“It’s alright. Don’t push me away now—we’re cousins, remember?” Nana said earnestly. ’My grandma
always mentions you, saying how hard it was to bring you back to the family. She said we should be
nicer to you since you’ve suffered a lot out on your own.”

“What about Lucas? Don’t you have to stay with him?” Cordy really wanted her gone, but Nana was too
kind for her to just chase her out

unceremoniously. 1

“He’s a big boy-he’d be fine on his own. By the way, it’s weird that he fell sick since he’s usually very
healthy,” Nana said, bemused. ‘He left our hill resort in the middle of the night earlier, but he doesn’t
have friends in North City, does he?”

She appeared intent on engaging Cordy with small talk while peeling the apple, but Cordy diverted the
topic by saying, “I don’t know him that well.”

“Yeah, why did I ask you?” Nana giggled, amused by her own question, i

Cordy said nothing.

It was really hard for her to not get prejudiced against Nana’s niceness. Even if it all appeared natural
as if she was born innocent, her behavior reminded Cordy of Noel.

And that in turn left her repulsed.

In fact, Cordy had the feeling that Nana was probing her.

If that really were the case, Nana was not as simple-minded as she appeared, and she might even be a
paranoid schemer.

And one should always keep their distance from people like them.

“Here, apple,” Nana said then, having peeled an apple and cut it into little slices that she put in front of
Cordy. “Have some. You need your vitamins for your cold.”

“Thank you.”

“You don’t have to be so formal,” Nana said cordially.

Cordy smiled but said nothing.

“Where’s your boyfriend?” Nana suddenly asked, seemingly intent on finding any topic to talk about.

“He returned to Rocktown.”

Patrick was certainly a busy man, or he would be bugging her to no end.

In fact, he would occasionally come to visit in the afternoon and leave soon after. He really never had
much time to spend on her except for brief visits.

And she certainly could see how nice he had been to her… but it was just too late.

“Have you…” Nana suddenly blushed, and she stammered for a while before she asked, “Had sex with

Cordy choked on a slice of apple even as she flushed, and Nana quickly rubbed her back. “Are you
alright, Cordy? Was I being improper?”

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