Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 722

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As Nana happily left, Cordy’s gaze darkened as she watched her leave.

If she was not sure before if Nana had been probing her, she was now.

Nana was clearly testing her, to see if there was anything fishy going on between her and Lucas.

In fact, Nana deliberately mentioned that she never had sex with Lucas just to test if Cordy would react
happily to that information. That in turn would compel Cordy to suggest that Lucas was abstaining
because of Nana’s health problems, which was a reminder to Cordy of how much Lucas cared about
Nana, so that Cordy would not get any funny ideas. 1

It was just as Cordy thought-Nana was not as simple as she seemed.

However, it did not matter that much since she was just a distant relative. What Nana was really like
was not something she had to worry about.

Cordy just had to know that Nana was not as childishly naive as she appeared, and that was plenty

Cordy fidgeted in bed, actually feeling sleepy because of her fever.

And as she closed her eyes, she really did fall asleep.

She never could fall asleep before even if she closed her eyes or was really sleepy, and she thought it
would be the same now.

Before, her brain seemed to go into overdrive once she closed her eyelids, and she just could not calm
herself down enough.

That was why she did not need anyone around watching her, declining the immaculate patient care
reserved for those who got to stay at the VVIP ward-even if that meant she was going to be alone. It
was especially dangerous since she had an IV attached to her, and there was no telling if there would
be an allergic reaction or if the IV was finished and her blood would be drawn into the bag in turn.

Either way, she did not think she would fall asleep, and she was therefore a little annoyed when
someone woke her up.

She struggled to open her eyes and saw Lucas’s worried face. He was pressing the buzzer urgently
and snapping, ’Come quick! Cordy Sachs’ IV has finished and her blood is being drained!’

Cordy took a couple seconds to come to her senses and realized what was happening when she saw
the dark fluid streaming through the IV tube.

Before Cordy could say a word, Lucas was snapping at her too. ’Are you stupid?!”

As Cordy frowned, he continued ranting, “At least have a care worker watch you while you sleep! Are
you trying to kill yourself?! You’re an adult and can’t even take care of yourself-don’t you know that
you’re going to trouble others if you do this?!”

“Stop it, Lucas… She didn’t mean it…’ Nana was trying to dissuade him.

Lucas seemed unable to hear it and continued yelling at Cordy, “You’re a mother! If you can’t even take
care of yourself, how would you take care of your son?! At least show some basic sense of
responsibility as a mother!”

Cordy was left furious from Lucas’ grandstanding.

It was very difficult for her to fall asleep as a chronic insomniac person. And forget waking her-he was
still yelling at her?!

Who did he think he was?! Who gave him the right?!

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