Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 724

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At this point, Cordy had to blame it on a grudge from a past life

However, Nana’s seemingly innocent gaze was still fixed on Cordy. “But it feels to me that he cares a
lot about you-he was so worried when he saw your blood being drained into the IV bottle. He only
snapped at you because he thinks you’re refusing to take care of yourself, and it’s out of concern…
What should I do? I think I’m getting jealous.”

“You’re kidding,’ Cordy said naturally. ’Lucas is just overreacting like anyone would during a crisis. I
would call for the medical staff if I were in the same situation as well, and as for his temper… don’t you
think that he really doesn’t like me at all, and he’s always finding an excuse to vent at me?”

“But Lucas isn’t like that. He wouldn’t do that to the others.”

“That’s what I’ve been saying. We rub each other the wrong way,” Cordy said in disdain—she was still
feeling frustrated and stressed even as she recalled how Lucas flipped out at her.

“Don’t tell me… you’ve fallen for him?” Nana suddenly asked very nervously.

“Nope,” Cordy answered confidently.

“I’m so scared that you will,” Nana murmured miserably. ‘I really love him, and I’m so afraid of losing

“I don’t like him,’ Cordy snapped, cutting her short.

Nana, however, stubbornly continued, “But you’re so beautiful. My grandmother told me so much about
you, that you’re talented and extraordinary… I’m so scared that Lucas would fall for you…’

“No, he wouldn’t.”

“But the way he treats you is special…’

“Especially bad.”

“Cordy, can you promise me not to take Lucas from me?” Nana asked dolefully, her eyes welling with

Cordy pursed her lips-she had made herself very clear.

As if realizing she was too insecure for her own good, Nana explained, “I inadvertently saw a photo you
took with John Levine, and he looked so much like Lucas. I’m worried you’d think that Lucas is him-“

“No, I won’t. No one can replace John.’ Cordy breathed slowly and clearly.

“I’m relieved to hearthat,” Nana said apologetically, deliberately sighing in relief. “I’m sorry, Cordy, I
didn’t want to suspect you, but I love Lucas so much… I won’t be able to live without him.’

“You don’t have to tell me anything about your relationship,” Cordy replied, returning her gaze. “If you’re
really worried that there’s something between me and Lucas, you should take him with you and leave
North City.”

“But he has a lot of work to do here,’ Nana said awkwardly. “Can I ask you again not to talk to him even
if you see him?”

Cordy’s expression finally changed-Nana was reaching the point where she was meddling with Cordy’s
personal freedom.

“I know how you feel towards Lucas and I can try to understand your insecurities, but I can’t say yes.
Humans are social creatures and interpersonal relationships are complicated, so even if you ask that of

me now, I would fail in the case where Lucas and I build a business relationship.” i

“Moreover, a relationship is maintained between two people, not by the actions of a third person. You
should be tolerating, understanding, and trusting each other more instead of believing that someone
could ruin it for you easily. Suspicion would only cause a rift between you and hurt your relationship.” 1

Nana remained tearful nonetheless. “I know what you’re saying and that I shouldn’t ask this of you…
but you really intimidate me, and I’m so afraid because Lucas has never behaved like that around
anyone. So I’m begging you, please-stay away from Lucas?’

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