Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 725

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Nana continued, “I’m sorry, Cordy, I really don’t want to ask this of you, but I’m so afraid of losing
Lucas. Could you at least promise me to keep your distance as long as it’s not about business?’

“I already have. I’ve never tried to get near him, and I’m not interested in him…”

Cordy trailed off as she stared at Nana’s hopeful yet miserable look, and she said, ’Alright, I promise.”

Nana’s tearful expression turned to a smile right then, and she exclaimed excitedly, “Thank you, Cordy!
I knew you were a good person!”

Cordy thought she was far from it-she certainly did not think Nana’s overly humble stance in her
relationship deserved pity.

She just did not want to waste her time staying involved with them and then cause trouble for herself
because of them.

In fact, she would have done it whether she agreed to it-Lucas was just that incompatible with her.
Nana just could not bring herself to buy that reality and simply wanted a definitive answer from Cordy.

Cordy in turn decided to satisfy Nana.

“I’m going now,’ Nana said happily then. “Take care of yourself, Cordy.”


After Nana left, Cordy whipped out her phone and blocked Lucas’ number.

Nana could have her wish-Cordy would have nothing to do with Lucas now.

Lucas was waiting for Nana on the first floor of the hospital and working hard to calm himself as she

“Lucas,” she exclaimed happily as she wrapped her arms around his waist from behind.

Lucas turned and pushed her away, leaving her frowning. “Don’t you like me hugging you?’

“No,” Lucas replied. “How am I going to walk like that? Let’s hold hands.”

He did so even as he said it, whereas Nana’s eyes briefly flashed in disappointment.

They got into their car. On the way back, Nana said, “Did you notice that you changed a lot ever since
you came back, Lucas?”

Lucas remained silent, and Nana appeared miserable even as she watched him. “You never looked at
any other woman when you’re abroad, let alone getting involved in them… but after you met Cordy,
your eyes would always inadvertently linger on her.”

Lucas swallowed-he could not argue against that.

In fact, he had no idea why he cared so much about Cordy now or why he was so furious that she was
not taking care of herself.

Was it really anger, or did his heart ache for her?

He turned away, staring outside the window with a gloomy look.

“Lucas, you don’t love me anymore, do you?” Nana asked, her tears trickling out as soon as she spoke.

“I do,” he replied, turning to see her tearful face and remembering that she was with him in his darkest

“Can you stay in love with me?” Nana asked hysterically. “I’ll change if there’s something about me you
don’t like. Just don’t fall for anyone else, please?’

She could not stop sobbing.

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