Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 728

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Everyone rehearsed their roles as Jay instructed, practicing their routes and dialogues before
freestyling their respective performances.

Zoe was exhausted and therefore constantly distracted, even missing her cues constantly-she did not
have that many lines but made a mess of everything.

She clearly saw Jay’s brow creasing deeply and wondered then if he regretted saving her during the
last stage.

Hailey arrived for an inspection just then.

She had been rehearsing with her group at the next studio, but they could hear her scoldings despite
the immaculate soundproofing between studios.

The diva was so strict that she would start snapping at anyone merciless if they failed to meet her

Many who were not chosen for her group were rejoicing in the fact-would they even survive otherwise?

In fact, word had it that Hailey left one of her thespians breaking down in tears even before they got

And now, Hailey herself was sitting beside Jay-they were arguing a little over Zoe yesterday, but it
seemed that it was nothing personal. It was merely a difference in opinion between judges, and since
there was no competition between the judges, holding grudges was completely unnecessary.

As a matter of fact, Hailey came to check on Jay’s progress because she was really frustrated with her
own group and was keen to see if other groups were the same.

Naturally, she could see that Zoe was completely out of it and lost it immediately even though Jay was
perfectly calm.

“Zoe York! Are you sleepwalking?!’

Hailey’s sudden outburst halted the entire rehearsal, and some of the faint hearted ones flinched, their
faces turning pale.

Zoe, whose name was called, was naturally even more shocked and was wide-awake.

“I’ve been watching you for a while, but how many mistakes do you think you could make?!” Hailey
continued, not withholding her criticism at all.” Did you even listen to anything I said about that
performance of yours last night, only to give this type of showing today?! If I were you, I would’ve
doubled my efforts after having my flaws pointed out blatantly, but you’re just squandering the chance
Mr. Parker gave you! You’re absolutely humiliating the man, and you’re never going to turn your career
around with that attitude of yours!”

Zoe-and the rest of the thespians in her group-truly experienced Hailey’s ability in dishing out a
scolding right then.

No one dared to make a sound, stunned by Hailey’s outburst.

“What do you have to say?!” Hailey bellowed at Zoe then.

Zoe began, “I’m feeling a little sick-’

“That’s your excuse?!” Hailey shrieked, cutting her short.

Zoe gave up on explaining right then-it was pointless to explain, not to mention that she was in the

If anything, she had it coming since she knew she had a rehearsal today but indulged herself last night

That was how she assured herself as she withstode Hailey’s outburst.

“What, are you mute now?” Hailey snapped tempestuously as Zoe stopped talking.

“It’s my fault and I will reflect on it,” Zoe said earnestly. “Thank you for pointing this out, Ms.

“Your apologies are always perfect, but you never seemed to correct yourself-“

“Zoe, please leave the rehearsal for now,” Jay suddenly said, cutting Hailey short.

Hailey turned toward Jay right then, but he added, “Everyone else can continue the rehearsal while Zoe
watches from a corner.”

“Okay.” Zoe stepped down from the stage.

It left Hailey feeling a little awkward-Jay said nothing earlier, even allowed her to call Zoe out.

However, he also cut Hailey short, clearly refusing to let her continue disciplining Zoe.

It seemed that the man was not as calm as the rumors claimed.

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