Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 730

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“There’s a bed there in the inner room. Go take a nap,” Jay said.

Zoe was left staring at him and sincerely wondering if she misheard.

“You heard me right,” Jay said, reading her mind just then. “Go take a nap.”

Zoe bit her lip-there had to be a catch.

So what was Jay planning?

However, just as all sorts of thoughts crossed her mind. Jay got up and left without any explanation,
giving her the room.

Zoe hesitated, poking her head in to see the interior of the inner room-it was not at all spacious, but it
looked comfortable nonetheless.

She felt like her soul was drifting over to lie down, and she thought she would fall asleep if she put her
head on that pillow… which she did.

In fact, she had actually thrown herself on that moderate-sized but exceedingly soft, clean bed. There
was a faint scent of high-grade softener and nothing else.

She had reason to suspect Jay never slept here before, and it was fortunate —she might not be able to
sleep if she picked up his scent on the sheets.

Feeling extra comfortable, she turned around, ready to take off her shoes and jacket to sleep when she
remembered something.

As she quickly leaped out of bed and opened the door, she saw that Jay had returned after leaving a
moment ago.

Most importantly, he was eating the chowder that she just ate from!

Naturally, she had scooped her portion into a smaller bowl before eating, whereas he ate it directly. It
just did not help matters that he was using the spoon she used because there was just one.

Things certainly got awkward, and she really wanted to hide just then.

What could have gotten into her that she had to come out? Even if it was reasonable she remembered
it and wanted to clean it up, the production crew would do it, and Jay would never have to lift a finger.

And now, Jay would obviously hold this against her, and she was going to get canceled again.

Really, she must have used up all her good luck in the first half of her existence.

“I haven’t had breakfast either,” Jay said awkwardly, his ears flushing crimson right then.

“Oh,” Zoe replied-what else could she say just then?

“I don’t like to waste food,” Jay added.

“Me too,” she said. “I was going to pack it up, take it home, and eat it later tonight…”

Zoe trailed off, left speechless by her own words.

She wanted to clear the awkward air between them, only to make things further awkward.

And now, Jay could not finish the chowder even if he wanted to.

“Oh, I’m so sleepy. I’m going to take my nap now.” Zoe yawned exaggeratedly and promptly returned
inside the inner room, gently closing the door behind her.

As she lay down again, it took her a while to calm down, and she could not help touching her cheeks.

Was it not burning?

Still, a lonely smile appeared briefly on her face.

‘Don’t give me hope now, Jay.’

She was really afraid of that.

When Zoe opened her eyes again, she saw that the skies were already dark outside.

She jumped out of bed right then.


How long had she been sleeping?

Why did Jay not wake her? Or did he completely forget about her?!

Her character was already inconsequential… did they just remove it directly?

Even if she would only appear in another episode, she would at least be paid for it!

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