Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 733

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Yelena and Clara shared the same room, and Clara woke up with a start when Zoe opened the door.

One was certainly prone to being woken up when they reached a certain age.

“Just checking on Yelena,’ Zoe whispered.


Clara tossed around in bed and fell asleep again.

Zoe walked up to their bed and stared at Yelena’s little cheeks, which were reddened from sleep.

Who would have known that Zoe somehow ended up becoming a mother?

Yelena’s arrival certainly surprised Zoe-she never expected that she could get pregnant in one shot.

It was Clara who suggested that she might be when she missed her period for three months and her
belly started to swell.

She was certainly shocked-she had previous cases of irregular periods before, when she slimmed
down drastically or fattened up for certain roles. In fact, she was so used to it that being pregnant did
not cross her mind.

She struggled with herself for a long time, but she eventually decided to give birth.

Clara supported Zoe, saying that having a child in the house would be much livelier.

Zoe did not lack money at the time either and met the requirements for a child.

And the ten-month pregnancy went more smoothly than she thought-she never had morning sickness
early on nor lost sleep in the later trimesters. Even the delivery was quick, taking just three hours from
start to finish.

Even after Yelena was born, she would either be sleeping or eating all the time, never falling sick-
almost as if she was one of those mythical healthy babies.

Zoe could not resist giving Yelena a peck on the cheek.

The sight of her baby girl would fill Zoe’s heart with tenderness and the desire to give Yelena the best
that the world had to offer.

One of the reasons she returned to showbiz was because of Yelena, since she wanted a better life for
her daughter, because her savings were dwindling.

She had the privilege of a life of luxury with the Levines, but also experienced the soul-crushing
desperation of being penniless. It in turn fueled her desire to give Yelena a better life.

Eventually, Zoe reluctantly left Yelena’s room and returned to her own, took a quick shower, and lay
down in bed.

She was trying to sleep, but unfortunately, she had already slept for too long.

Feeling zero hint of drowsiness, she decided to get out of bed and study her script-she had to make up
for missing out today.

‘Just do it.’

She picked up her phone to check the status of the day’s rehearsal, which would usually be posted on
their chat group.

Still, when she unlocked her phone, she saw a message notification from Jay.

She hesitated for a moment, but she added him in her contacts since he is her instructor—adding him
to her WhatsApp contact list was just adding another method to reach out to him.

She never shared any details on her personal life for three years, and there was scarcely any details on
her personal profile.

The same applied for Jay. She peeked on his profile a little and saw that he was not at all that popular

It did suit his loner personality.

Still, just as she was going to check the group’s messages, Jay sent her a file with the caption: [Check
this out if you can’t sleep.]

He was up this late?

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