Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 735

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Once Jay arrived, everyone gathered around him, and he said, “Continue the rehearsals as arranged
yesterday. Let’s go a few rounds before we dissect the details. Zoe, you missed out yesterday, so try to
blend in or practice solo if you can’t.” 1

“Yes, Mr. Parker.” Everyone dispersed and proceeded to start the rehearsals.

Zoe blended in quickly, mostly because the script she was given yesterday proved very useful.

She had rehearsed her role twice at home and quickly found the right mood to play her character.

And with other characters to play off her role now, she got into character even quicker.

By the time the first rehearsal was over, everyone was surprised by Zoe’s performance.

Her performance from yesterday was a stark contrast to the one she showed today-while she had been
distracted and muddle-headed yesterday, she played her character down to a tee today.

They had thought her character insignificant and uninteresting, but her performance painted it with
bright colors. Even if her role was minor, she had charisma and was very memorable, and the lack of
lines made it so that the audience would not get tired of her character, even begging for more.

“Not bad.”

That was the comment Jay gave for their rehearsal, and everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

He certainly was not that mild yesterday, even if he did not throw a fit.

He just had this presence that made it clear that he was not to be messed with, and it was clear that he
was in a much better mood.

In fact, two actors in the group messed up in the rehearsal just now, but Jay acknowledged and
encouraged them instead of snapping at them.


He must have lucked out with a girl somehow, or why else was there a faint smile that seemed stuck
stuck on his lips?

After rehearsing for the day, everyone was wrapping up and preparing to leave when the director of the
production said the chief producer was treating everyone to dinner. It seems that the first episode was
very well received, and they wanted to thank everyone.

As such, everyone headed straight to the restaurant straight after, and since the production crew was
joining as well, they occupied ten tables.

The chief producer was very pleased, even preparing presents that would be given randomly by lottery.

Zoe just did not have the luck to get anything at all and simply stuck to eating.

Naturally, she did not eat too much in fear of getting fat as well.

Most of all, she was just waiting for everyone to start leaving and head home.

If she was early, she could play a bit with Yelena, or Yelena would be asleep if she were late.

Her heart was filled with warmth when she thought of her little girl, and she felt like she could hold on
no matter how tired she got because she had hope.

However, even as she kept waiting, they were all led to another venue instead of leaving.

Some of the production crew left, but not the thespians.

Though this variety show was a contest, those above them could manufacture scenarios against them,
so the thespians would never dare to step on their toes.

Still, Zoe was surprised that Jay joined them-he had every reason to leave.

He did not drink, let alone frequent nightclubs.

So what was he doing here?

Was he being compelled by circumstances to join as well?

Zoe tamely sat in the luxury private room, keenly observing the timing to toast every executive member
of the production committee with the others and then return to their seats…

Just to wait for everyone to get it over with.

She had been constantly keeping a low profile, whereas some of the more sociable thespians were
getting chummy with the executives.

It was a rare opportunity-once they built a good relationship with them, they would be able to progress
a little further than they originally could.

Zoe was actually wondering if she should do the same, but at the thought that Jay was with them, she
expected a sinister pair of eyes that would be constantly tracking her.

She hence gave up on the idea-fate could decide how she would fare.

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