Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 736

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Suddenly, the director appeared beside her. ’Zoe.”

Zoe promptly rose to her feet, appearing perfectly respectful. “Mr. Rubio.”

“It’s fine, sit.” Arthur Rubio quickly gestured. “No need to be so formal.

You’ve not been speaking much or drinking… Not used to showbiz now that it’s been a while?’

In reality, she did not have to attend social dinners in the past, since she was busy filming commercials-
her manager could never arrange for her to attend any.

“Just a little out of practice.’ Zoe smiled, quickly poured herself a glass full, and said, “A toast to you,
Mr. Rubio.”

“Thank you.” Arthur did not reject her offer, and they both chugged their drinks.

“You can really stomach your alcohol,” Arthur praised.

“No, I don’t usually drink,” Zoe was certainly aware that there were plenty others who would hide their
ability to stomach alcohol, or they would be goaded into drinking more than they would like.

“I’m honored. Here, let’s have another drink,’ Arthur said eagerly.

Zoe had no choice but to keep drinking with the man, and when they were done, Arthur slowly asked,
’Where have you been in the years after leaving showbiz, Zoe? What were you doing?”

“Just taking a long break in a small town. I didn’t do anything in particular.”

“But why did you suddenly retire?” Arthur pressed.

Zoe did not expect him to be so interested in gossip. “Well, I just got into a little trouble.’

“With who?”

Zoe stayed silent, and Arthur immediately huffed in annoyance. “Why are you hiding it from me? I had
to stave off immense pressure to put you in our show, y’know…’

Zoe hesitated for a moment, but she eventually said, “The Levines.’

After all, the Levines were no longer a force to be reckoned with in showbiz, and she would not be

“The Levines?” Arthur exclaimed in surprise.

“It’s a personal conflict, so I’d prefer if you didn’t ask more, Mr. Rubio.

Either way, I’m not burdened with anything right now, so you have nothing to worry about.”

“Well, I’m relieved since it’s the Levines. It’s not surprising that you made a return too, since their
influence doesn’t extend into showbiz even if they haven’t fully fallen from grace,” Mr. Rubio said.

“Yeah.” Zoe nodded.

“Here, another toast.” The director raised his glass again, and Zoe had to follow suit.

That made it three glasses now.

Zoe could hold her liquor, but chugging like this was still beyond her tolerance.

And when she tried to excuse herself to get to the washroom, Arthur caught her arm.

As she stopped in her tracks, his fingers danced over her skin as he asked,” It’s still early, Zoe. Where
are you going?”

His intention was very clear, and it was not surprising that he had been asking about her private affairs
—he was afraid that she was caught by some negative influence, and he would get dragged into it.

But now that he knew that there was no danger, he wanted her.

And having been in showbiz as long as she had been, Zoe could actually instantly read Arthur’s
intention from his gaze.

It was not to mention that his body language was apparent.

“I need the washroom,” she said, gently pushing his hand away with a bright smile.

“I’ll be waiting,” Arthur said pompously.

They both knew what was happening.

It was a done deal if she returned and the end of the line if she did not.

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