Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 740

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It was Zoe’s own fault that her apartment was furthest from the city.

And with the two other thespians gone, the car was exceedingly silent.

“Wipe it,” Jay suddenly said and handed her a wet towel.

Zoe took it and wiped her lips by instinct, unsure if she had something on it.

“Your arm,’ Jay prompted her then.

Zoe paused, but soon remembered that Arthur had touched every inch of her arm.

Jay was still a clean freak, huh?

Still, she wiped her arm without a word, while Jay said, “I don’t know what will happen in the future, but
as long as I’m involved in this variety show, I can protect you from the casting couch.”

“Thank you,’ she replied.

Even she had to admit that Arthur would not be coming on to her after tonight, since Jay had assumed
all responsibility. Naturally, she also had an excuse against any attempts Arthur would make to harass

Then, Jay began, “What happened in the past-“

“Stays in the past, so leave it,* Zoe said, cutting him short. “Just forget all that unpleasant stuff. I mean,
I did.’ i

Jay swallowed.

‘All that unpleasant stuff… was that what she thought of it?

Soon, the car arrived outside Draxton Apartments, and Zoe nodded politely before leaving.

Jay watched as she left and then glanced at his disabled foot.

It was true-it was now unpleasant.

Meanwhile, at Startstream Group, Cordy had recovered from her cold and was holding an executive
meeting for a distribution of tasks.

Suddenly, her phone started ringing.

She glanced at the caller, but put it on silent.

A WhatsApp message soon popped up.

[Urgent. Please answer.)

Cordy frowned-Sean rarely contacted her with such urgency.

After hesitating for a moment, she picked up her phone and said, ‘ Discuss the marketing plans for the
upcoming season. I’m taking this call.”

Once outside the conference room, she called Sean back. “Hello?”

“Grandfather has just suffered from a stroke. The doctors are trying to save him at the hospital,” Sean
told her quickly and urgently. “Come to the capital soon-l’ve already chartered a private jet for you, so
just head to the airport.’

Cordy’s heart skipped a beat. ’Is it really serious?”

“It doesn’t look good. Just come as soon as you can.”

And with that, Sean hung up.

Cordy was left stunned for seconds, but she returned to the conference room by the next instant. “An
emergency came up and I needed to go to the capital. Draft the marketing plan after you finish
discussing it, and if I’m not back by tomorrow, Randy can email me to remind me.” 1

“Yes, Ms. Sachs.”

Cordy left the office building immediately after and called Winston from her car. “I’m coming back to
take Dicky with me to the capital in half an hour. Help him pack his luggage, but keep it simple.”

“Yes, Ms. Sachs. How long will you be staying in the capital?’

“I’m not sure.*

“Shall I pack your luggage too?” “No,” Cordy told him. “Can’t afford the delay.”

“Yes, Ms. Sachs.”

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