Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 741

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As Cordy rushed to the airport with Richard, he asked nervously, “Did something bad happen,

She never looked this grim.

“Yeah. Your great-grandfather was taken ill.”

“Is it serious?”


Richard stopped asking at that point, understanding his mother’s concerns immediately.

Once they touched down at the capital, the car Sean arranged took her straight to an aristocratic
private hospital, where the entire first floor was now completely reserved for Jesse Cranston’s use.

Sean was waiting just as she got out of the elevator, and she asked, “How is he?”

“The doctors already operated on him. He’s in the ICU now.”

“The danger has passed?”

“No. He never regained consciousness, and the doctors said it doesn’t look good,” Sean said grimly.

Cordy did not ask further questions and took Richard with her to the ICU.

There were many people crowded outside, with every member of the Cranston family and even some
of the Lynds present, including Jean Cranston, Nana, and Lucas.

Cordy made a beeline to the ICU, however, without greeting anyone.

She peered through the glass to see Jesse lying in bed, his whole body covered in needless and
suddenly looking like he aged a century.

He looked no different from an elderly man on his deathbed, leaving Cordy with an indescribable

She always thought herself distant from the Cranstons, but she felt like she could suffocate now that
she was actually seeing Jesse in that state.

“How did it get so bad out of the blue?” Cordy could not help asking Sean.

He was just fine when she left the capital barely two weeks ago.

“I don’t know,” Sean replied. “The butler was the one who told me that he suddenly stood up from the
crouch and immediately dropped to the floor. They rushed him here without delay, but it’s a serious
condition in the first place.”

Cordy certainly knew how sudden strokes could occur, but she could scarcely accept that it would
happen to a family member.

“Did the doctors say when he could wake up?” she asked.

“Nope.1′ Sean sighed. “And they’re saying that the chance would be far slimmer if he doesn’t wake

“Vegetative state?” Cordy asked worriedly.

“Or worse,” Sean replied.

Cordy stared at him right then, and he nodded.

Being told that her grandfather might die left her biting her lip, feeling a little helpless.

Jean suddenly burst into tears beside them. “He was just fine yesterday… We were talking about the
family and all that, but now…”

“Grandmother,” Nana consoled her. ’Mr. Cranston will be alright. Don’t worry.”

“How could I not worry? He’s my only brother…” Jean murmured, wiping her tears.

Nana quickly brought her tissues. ’ He will be fine.”

“Oh, Sean. Did you ask the foreign experts to check on him?” Jean asked then.

“I did. They will be here soon.”

“Let’s hope things don’t get any worse. You have to help him as best as you can.”

“I know, ma’am. Don’t worry,” Sean replied respectfully.

The foreign experts arrived on schedule, but Jesse’s condition remained grave after they performed a
series of examinations. 1

Everyone stayed at the hospital until nightfall, when Sean started to ask some of them to head home
for the time being-it would not do for everyone to leave work or whatever they were supposed to do and
wait here.

Cordy left as well, while members of the Cranstons and others took turns keeping watch. 1

Cordy and Richard decided to stay at a hotel, while Sean did not ask them to stay at Cranston Hall
since he had to travel back and forth to the hospital. 2

However, Cordy noticed Lucas when she was about to check in.

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