Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 742

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Lucas was alone, and Nana was not in sight.

Richard saw him too, and excitement showed in his eyes.

His enthusiasm never dampened whenever he saw Lucas-he did not talk to Lucas earlier at the
hospital because the atmosphere there had been grim.

However, he refrained from going up to Lucas, and the thought that his daddy had abandoned his
mommy made him upset again.

Lucas was actually surprised to see them there.

Should they not be staying at Cranston Hall?

Cordy was also surprised to see Lucas there, since he should be staying with the Lynds.

It was as if they would inevitably run into each other if they were in the same city…

“Ms. Sachs?” the front desk receptionist called out to Cordy just then.” Your room card…”

“I’m checking out,” Cordy said determinedly right then.

Lucas clearly blinked just then.

“Checking out, Ms. Sachs?” the receptionist asked, to confirm what she said.

“Yeah. I’m not staying here,” Cordy said bluntly.

“Oh, alright. One moment please,” the receptionist replied politely and professionally.

“Why?* Lucas ultimately could not resist asking.

“There are people I’d rather not see around here,” Cordy said bluntly.

Lucas was left scowling, while Cordy waited until the receptionist was done with the paperwork and
started to leave with Richard without delay.

“Cordy,* Lucas called out from behind just then.

Cordy pretended not to hear him, while Richard turned to glance at him.

In the depths of Richard’s heart, he still hoped that his daddy would repent and come back to his

As long as they made up, their family could be together again…

“Cordy Sachs!”

Lucas was a little furious-why could she not be a little less stubborn?!

Was it even safe, dragging a kid around in the middle of the night, looking for a hotel?!

Nonetheless, seeing that she had no intention of stopping, he started to give chase.

Cordy could feel him rushing at them and hurried along while holding on to Richard’s hand… but the
instant she stepped outside the hotel, she was left staring at an oncoming motorcycle.

It was speeding at them at breakneck speed and was obviously completely out of control.

The security guards outside noticed and tried to stop it, but it was just too face.

It was already too late when Cordy noticed it was coming at her, as it was already crashing toward her.

She pulled Richard into her arms by instinct, holding him tightly to shield her boy.

Richard did not realize what was happening because his eyes were fixed on Lucas, until he saw Lucas’
face fall in panic.

He soon felt his mommy gathering him into her arms… and at the next instant, he heard an immense
crash reverberating right beside his ears, while feeling his mommy’s body shaking endlessly.

Richard had no idea what happened, just as Cordy’s mind went blank.

She did not know if the motorcycle actually struck them, and she could not even feel any pain.


Richard was calling out to her because she was holding him so tightly he almost could not breathe…

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