Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 744

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Lucas was only pushed out of the emergency room after two hours.

Sitting in a wheelchair, his legs were plastered, and his head was bandaged.

It seemed like his injuries were too serious.

“How is he, doctor?” Cordy immediately asked.

“His right leg is broken, and we’ve inserted a metal rod in it to stabilize it for two to three months. If
there’s no problem, he needs to rest for another three months after we take it out. He’ll recover by

“Will he become a lame person?” Cordy asked cautiously.

Lucas then looked up at her.

Did she want him to become a lame person?

“Don’t worry. He won’t.” The doctor sounded amiable before he continued,” But because there’s a slight
impact on his head, we suggest letting him stay for observation for a night. If he’s fine tomorrow, he can
be discharged from the hospital.”

“Okay, thank you, doctor.” Cordy thanked the doctor.

She finally heaved a huge sigh of relief inwardly.

His injuries had something to do with her no matter what.

She and Richard then went to his ward with him. i

After helping him to settle down, Cordy uttered, “I’ve hired an exceptional care worker for you. You can
order her if you have any requests. I’ll go

home with Dicky first. I also paid for your medical fees. As for the medical fees in the future, I’ll be
responsible for them too.”

“Hmm.’ Lucas gave a slight reply, but he did not refuse her arrangement.

She was then about to leave with Richard.

“Mommy.” Richard suddenly stopped her.

“What’s wrong?”

“Can’t I stay with Lucas?” he asked.

Consequently, she was struck mute. Richard’s obsession with Lucas was indefinite.

Richard lowered his head and said pitifully, ’I’m worried since he’s all alone here. I want to be with him.”

“It’s very safe here with the doctors, nurses, and care workers.”

“But they’re strangers.” Richard hit the nail on the head and said, “Won’t he feel lonely all alone?”

Cordy found it hard to respond.

“Mommy, can you let me stay here and be with him if you don’t want to stay?” Richard suggested.

Of course, that was impossible.

Cordy had always watched him closely since he got into danger three years ago.

He might either be in her sight or someone she had full trust in was with him.

How could she leave him there casually?

“I’m an adult, so I won’t feel lonely,” Lucas suddenly chimed in.

He could tell that Cordy was reluctant to do so.

“Everyone will feel lonely, and it’s no exception for adults unless…” Richard fixed his clear eyes on
Lucas. “You hate me.”

When Lucas met Richard’s gaze, he could not bring himself to claim that he hated Richard.

Instead of hatred, he had an inexplicable good impression of Richard.

Undeniably, Lucas felt strangely warm and eager when Richard suggested being with him on his

“If you don’t hate me, please let me stay with you. Is that okay? Just think of it as me wanting to thank
you for saving Mommy and me today.”

Richard sounded very serious and sincere.

It was very hard to turn him down in that way.

Lucas raised his eyes and looked at Cordy. “If you’re fine with it, just let Richard stay here…”

“No, I’m worried,” Cordy replied straightforwardly.

Consequently, Lucas pursed his lips slightly.

She was always so straightforward with him.

When Richard heard his mother’s words, he became disappointed.

However, he had always been a very obedient boy. He would not be wilful if his mother disliked that.

When he was about to compromise, Cordy beat him to it.

“I’ll stay here with you.”

She could not bear to see him sad, and she knew very well that Richard would leave with her
obediently if she persisted.

However, she did not wish to see him force himself for her sake.

“Really?” Richard beamed with delight.

Of course, one could not bring oneself to ruin that naive and wonderful look of his.

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