Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 745

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“Thank you, Mommy.”

Richard was never a person who was good at showing his emotion, but he did not hide it at that time.

Did he see Lucas as his daddy or a substitute?

Cordy did not want to have conflicting emotions about it.

Facing Lucas, she said, “If you’re not fine with it…”

“I’m fine with it.” Lucas cut her off.

“After all, there’s another bed in this ward. Richard and I can sleep in that bed,” Cordy suggested.

The hospital beds in the WIP ward were extraordinarily large.


“What do you need now?” Cordy questioned.

Since she decided to stay, she should take care of the patient.

Regardless, she should be grateful to him given what happened that night.

She turned around to leave just now because she had promised Nana back then.

She decided to stay now because of Richard.

Of course, Richard was more important than Nana.

“Nothing,” Lucas answered.

“Well, I’ll let Dicky have a bath first. He’s still growing, so he needs to sleep early.’

“Just do as you please,” Lucas said absent-mindedly.

He looked at his phone and showed a cold expression.

He did not at all look like he needed anyone to accompany him.

Forget it. He did not want to ruin Richard’s enthusiasm.

Cordy then ordered Richard, “Dicky, go and take a bath.”

“Okay.” Richard nodded.

He was in a good mood now, so he would be over the moon no matter what he did.

He fished out his underwear and pajamas from his small suitcase before he went to the bathroom.

After that, Cordy and Lucas were the only ones left in the ward.

It was rather awkward for them to spend time alone with each other, especially after what Nana said to
her the other day.

It sowed a thorn in her heart now.

As a result, she instinctively resisted Lucas.

They were immersed in silence.

“Are you sure you don’t want to inform Nana?” Cordy inquired.

“Not at the moment.” Lucas was very persistent.

“She’ll learn about it sooner or later.”

“It’s too late now.”

“If I were your girlfriend, I’d want you to tell me right away after something happens instead of keeping
it from me because of my poor health. I’d feel that I wasn’t that important.” Cordy reminded him.

Lucas finally looked away from his phone screen and glanced at Cordy.

On the other hand, Cordy did not hide her unkind gaze toward him before she said straightforwardly,
“Nana gets annoyed easily if we spend time with each other.”

“I know,” Lucas said. “So, do you want me to tell her now and arouse her suspicion?”

“She’ll get more suspicious if you don’t tell her and she learns about it.”

“I’ll handle the matter with her myself.” Lucas showed a very bad attitude.

Cordy was soon rendered speechless because her good intentions were twisted.

“Whatever. Just don’t let Nana come to me again.” Cordy did not beat around the bush. “I’m too busy to
deal with this kind of irrelevant thing.”

However, Lucas gave no response, his silence indicating his tacit consent. The ward fell into silence
again until Richard came out of his bath.

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