Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 746

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“Mommy, I’m done. Do you want to shower?”

“Hmm.” Cordy nodded and ordered, “Go to bed early.”


After that, Cordy walked into the bathroom.

On the other hand, Richard behaved well and slept on the accompanying bed beside Lucas.

Covering himself with the blanket, he turned to look at Lucas.

At that time, Lucas had turned his attention back to his phone again.

However, he had clicked on a website for half an hour, but he did not scroll to another page.

Other than the fact that their arrivals had made him absent-minded, which he could not pinpoint, he
could see many baffling things appearing in his head. Even being hospitalized felt like deja vu.

However, he could recall nothing even after he dwelled on it carefully.

He lost his memory three years ago.

He remembered nothing after he woke up because of a car accident.

Consequently, he found not a tinge of familiarity toward his so-called relatives and friends. They were
just strangers to him.

That kind of loneliness and helplessness almost drove him mad.

During that period, he happened to bump into Nana, who was being hospitalized like him since she
was having treatment for her heart. Her naivety and pureness as well as her enthusiasm toward life
affected him. After a while, they logically became a couple.

However, he felt that something was lacking between them.

He did not know what it was, but he felt that he had forgotten something. It had always been buried in
his heart which made it hard for him to open his heart to her.


Richard called after him out of the blue.

Lucas was lost in a daze, so he was frightened by the voice.

He turned around to look at Richard.

Richard covered himself well under the blanket, only exposing his small head. 1

“Did I scare you?” Richard stared at him with his black eyes and asked.

“No.” Lucas immediately denied it.

Richard grinned. ‘Daddy’s character hasn’t changed at all after so many years. He always goes through
hell to keep up appearances.’

“Why did you call after me? Didn’t your mommy ask you to go to bed early? You’re growing. If you don’t
sleep early, she’ll blame me if she sees me chatting with you,” Lucas stated seriously.

The way he lectured others was still the same as in the past.

However, Richard was not angry. He asked Lucas, “Do you care about my mommy’s feelings very

“Stop fancying wild thoughts.” Lucas appeared disdainful. “I just dislike arguing with women. You know
your mommy is pretty fierce sometimes, and gentlemen shouldn’t fight women.”

“No.” Richard sounded very certain. “You always ignore women, but you treat my mommy differently.”

“No, I don’t.”

“Why don’t you admit that you like my mommy?’ Richard asked him in confusion.

Wasn’t Lucas very bold when he was trying to gain her heart back then though he failed to gain her
heart for a long time?

However, he did not behave like he was now in which he refused to admit to it.

“Why should I admit to it since I dislike her?” Lucas frowned deeply and looked at Richard. “You’re just
a kid, so you don’t know the love life of adults.”

“I don’t know about others, but you’re the one who raised me. Of course, I understand your feelings.”

“Stop trying to cotton up to me. I’m not close with you.” Lucas dissociated himself. “I told you many
times that I’m not your daddy.”

“Did you lose your memory?” Richard was not angry as he kept asking.

A crease formed between Lucas’ brows.

“You lost your memory, so you don’t remember us.” Richard looked at Lucas’ expression. He knew the
answer without Lucas’ reply.

“My life history shows no contact with you guys. Dicky, I did read up about John. I admit that I do look a
little like him, but I’m not him. There are so many people in this large world who look like others.
There’s nothing to be surprised about. Don’t be stubborn.”

“Are you afraid that if you’re my daddy, you can’t deal with your current love life? Is that why you avoid
it all this while?” Richard asked him. 1

Lucas felt like what he was talking went over Richard’s head.

Richard would not believe him no matter what he said.

Besides, Richard insisted on making Lucas accept his imagination.

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