Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 747

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“If that’s the case, you should get to know your true self earlier.’ Richard did not wait for Lucas’ reply
before he suggested again, “It’s because you’ll be filled with more regrets if you’re more hesitant now.”

“I won’t regret it.’ Lucas sounded firm.

“Why are you still so stubborn?” Richard behaved like an adult. ’Aren’t you worried that my mommy will
give you up?”

“I originally had nothing to do with your mommy.’

“But you can’t forget about my mommy. If not, why did you risk your life to save her?”

Lucas inevitably swallowed slightly and answered, “Your mommy got into danger because of me. I was
just returning the favor.”

“That’s just your excuse.” Richard sounded certain.

“You’re just a ten-year-old kid. What do you know?” Lucas pretended to say at ease, “Kids should study
more and worry about less.”

“Hmph!” Richard became slightly angry because of Lucas’ words. “I won’t help you if you regret it.’

However, Lucas did not take it to heart.

Lying under the bed, Richard faced away from Lucas and slept.

One could tell that he was furious from the back of his head.

However, Lucas chuckled.

He had an indescribable good impression of Richard.

His eyes fluttered.

He then saw Cordy walk out of the bathroom.

She did not take along her suitcase, so she casually got a hospital gown and put it on.

After the bath, her face was slightly rosy, and her body also exuded an indescribable crystal-clear

As a result, Lucas swallowed gently before he moved his gaze away.

Cordy did not notice Lucas’ action before she turned to glance at Richard. When she found that he was
asleep, she behaved more carefully.

She dimmed the light of the ward before she slept on Richard’s bed.

Of course, she could not doze off in the hospital since she had such poor sleep quality.

Lying in bed, she closed her eyes to rest.

After an unknown period, Lucas lay in bed to sleep too.

The night was very quiet.

Lucas moved his body slightly.

Cordy could feel that, but she ignored him.

Lucas tried his best to get up.

Well, people were only as strong as their bladders, and he could not suppress it anymore.

He wanted to call for the care worker’s help, but he was afraid that he would wake Cordy and Richard

If he did not call for help, he wondered if he could make it on his own since he was limping.

After some conflicted feelings, he chose to rely on himself in the end.

He exerted himself hard before he leaned over and pulled the wheelchair beside him to the edge of the
bed, which he thought was the most convenient spot. After that, he raised his legs with both hands and
slowly moved toward the edge of the bed. He was about to get out of bed to sit in the wheelchair and
go to the washroom.

He behaved very cautiously.

Firstly, he was not used to it. Secondly, he was afraid of waking others up.

Consequently, he heard a slight noise from the neighboring bed when he had just touched the

Hence, he panicked, and his hand slipped.


Lucas fell off the bed.

He even bumped into the wheelchair, so the wheelchair fell over and crushed him.


Lucas whined in pain.

However, he did not make a loud noise. It could be seen that he was quite oppressive.

Besides, he was in an extremely sorry state.

Cordy looked on as he lay on the ground for a long time motionlessly.

“Do you need my help?” she asked.

He seemed to be keen on protecting his pride, so she wondered if she should do nothing about it.

Cordy knew that from the moment he woke up.

After that, she watched as he did a series of actions persistently even if his body failed him. He did not
call for help either, so she chose to look on coldly.

But she suddenly spoke up at that time because Lucas had been lying on the floor for quite a long time.
She was worried that he might have hurt himself from the fall.

However, she needed to ask for his opinion before assisting.

What if… he had always wanted to keep up a firm spirit even though he was limping now?

Lucas looked up.

Suppressing his physical pain, he looked at Cordy in bed, who was looking at him innocently.


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