Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 748

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It if was not for the fact that she suddenly made a noise, he would not have slipped and fallen.

He nearly thought that he might die the moment he slipped and fell.

Now, she was even putting up such an innocent look. Whom was she trying to annoy?

“Do you need my help?” Cordy tried to reconfirm it with him.

“What do you think?” Lucas gnashed his teeth.

He was in such a sorry state now. Did she want him to give up his dignity and crawl back up?

Cordy was struck speechless.

He sounded so righteous when he had a favor to ask.

She got up, and carefully, she tried her best not to wake Richard up.

She then walked to Lucas and worked hard to help him straighten the wheelchair.

After that, she tried her best to help him up.

He was so heavy.

Were all men like that?

He appeared slim, but he was as heavy as lead when he leaned on her.

John was like that too…

When she thought of John, excruciating pain hit her.

Suddenly, she recalled the scene when John was hospitalized because he was trying to protect her.

It was hard to forget some people no matter how one tried. When she recalled him, her heart would still
be filled with excruciating pain.

“Are you struck dumb?” Lucas suddenly whispered beside her ear.

Consequently, she was shocked.

She was lost in a trance because of her memory just now, and the sudden voice made her body sway.

Lucas was unsteady with only one foot supporting him. Now that she swayed, his body swayed too.

“Ah!” Cordy inevitably screamed.

It was because Lucas was too heavy.

She finally failed to support him.

With another clang, they fell to the floor.

That noise finally woke Richard up.

He opened his eyes in a daze. When he saw the two people lying on the ground, he widened his eyes.

Er… This…

Waves of dizziness hit Cordy as her heartbeat quickened.

She finally calmed herself down when she met Richard’s shocked gaze.

Before she could say anything, Richard abruptly turned away swiftly and hid under the blanket.

She seemed to be able to see his deeply flushed face through the blanket.

What was he thinking?

“How long are you going to crush me?” Lucas gnashed his teeth and spoke.

After that, Cordy reacted and realized that she was crushing him.

That posture…

No wonder Richard misunderstood them.

She just felt dizzy but had no pain just now.

It turned out that she had used him as a human cushion.

Hence, she quickly got up and exerted herself again to help Lucas up.

Finally, she helped him into the wheelchair with much difficulty.

Lucas complained grumpily, “Did I ask you to help me or kill me, huh?”

“You’re just too heavy,” Cordy retorted.

However, he did not keep on arguing with her before he said, ‘I badly need to go to the washroom.”

Cordy was at a loss for words.

Should he behave that way if he had a favor to ask?

She pushed his wheelchair into the washroom.

However, he sat in the wheelchair motionlessly.

“Do you want me to help you to pee too?” Cordy was struck speechless.

How insolent!

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