Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 749

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“It hurts so badly. I can’t get up.” Lucas sounded quite rude.

Cordy took a deep breath and advised herself inwardly and repeatedly that Lucas was hurt because of
her. She was too weak just now that she made him fall again. Hence, she decided not to be angry at

She squatted and helped him up again.

With her help, he almost leaned all his weight on her.

She seriously doubted if he was purposely trying to take revenge on him.

She finally helped him stand beside the toilet bowl. “Do you need me to take off your pants for you

“Cordy, how shameful you are!” Lucas became agitated.

“Why are you so agitated all of a sudden?” Cordy was shocked by his sudden loudness. So, she flared
up in a rage. ’Did I see through your thoughts?’ 1

“Get out!” Lucas vented his anger out.

Surprisingly, he did not retort to her.

Of course, Cordy did not notice that much either.

She would always argue with him.

Besides, she had never met a person who rendered her so helpless and speechless.

She then walked out of the washroom.

She wanted to swing the door so badly to vent her fury, but she held herself back since Richard was
still sleeping. She could only close the door lightly.

“Mommy.” Richard inevitably called after her softly when he saw her angry and flushed face.

Cordy soon calmed herself down.

She could not punish herself for others’ faults.

“I’m sorry that I woke you up.”

“It’s fine.” Richard chuckled.

He did not like to laugh very much, but it felt like spring every time he did.

As long as she saw his smile, she felt that all unhappy incidents would disappear.

“Did you argue with Lucas?”

“It’s not an argument,” Cordy explained. “I’ve nothing to argue about with an irrelevant person.’

“Mommy, you’re stubborn,” Richard could not help but say.

His tone was filled with a tinge of adoration.

He was so young, but it made her have the illusion that he was flirting with a girl.

She was even worried that it might be hard for him to get a girlfriend given that he was an introvert.

He might adore his girlfriend greatly when the time came.

“It’s late. Hurry up and sleep.” Cordy did not want to explain anymore.

In short, he would not believe her.

“Fine.” He immediately turned away. “I wont disturb your fun with Daddy.”

He was just ten years old.

Did he know what he was talking about?

“Goodnight, Mommy.” Richard even sounded happy. “I don’t mind getting a brother or sister.”

So, she was rendered speechless.

He was just a ten-year-old kid. Why was he so precocious?

He did not mind that, but she did.

It was impossible between her and Lucas.


Lucas’ voice came from the washroom.

“What?” Cordy grumpily roared at the washroom.

After that, she realized that she was disturbing Richard’s sleep.

She turned around to look at Richard. She found that he was hiding under the blanket and laughing.

He yearned to see them together.

Wasn’t he afraid that his father would crawl out of the grave angrily?

“I’m done.”

Lucas sounded aloof in the washroom.

He always appeared like it was righteous for him to behave so.

Suppressing her fury, she walked to the door and asked, “Did you put on your pants?”

“Cordy, do you care about nothing but my pants today?”

“I’m afraid of seeing filthy things.’

“You’re filthy. I’m f*cking clean,” Lucas cursed.

However, Cordy ignored him.

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