Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 752

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“It’s nothing, really. Go back to sleep,’ Lucas said, slightly annoyed.

But if one were to listen closely, he sounded rather breathless.

Cordy did not want to care about him, but Lucas was injured after all. If anything was wrong with him
physically… What was more, he was stubborn and would refuse to admit it.

Lucas did not notice what Cordy was doing, so when Cordy appeared by his bedside, he was so
shocked he almost leaped from his bed. “Cordy, are you pretending to be a ghost?! Why are you so
silent when you walk?”

“Be quiet.” Cordy was rendered speechless by how uptight Lucas was being.

Richard was sleeping; of course she had to be silent.

“What are you doing here at my bedside? Go back to sleep on your own bed, ” Lucas instructed.

Cordy ignored him.

She stared at his flushed face and could hear his rapid, shallow breathing. There was clearly
something wrong with him.

“Do you feel hot?” Cordy asked.

Were his flushed cheeks and ears a result of a temperature?

Otherwise, given how much Lucas detested her, how could he possibly be blushing?

The more Cordy thought about it, the more she was convinced that she was right. She leaned over to
touch his forehead.

“What are you doing?!” Lucas exclaimed defensively as he shunned her touch. “I’m not feeling hot.
You’re the one feeling hot!”

Did he just misunderstand her?!

The fever was clearly getting to his head.

“Lucas Lynch.” Anger began rising in Cordy’s chest as she said in a low voice, ’Behave like a patient
that you’re supposed to be! Why are you acting tough? Is your wound infected, which might have made
you feel hot?!”

“I don’t feel hot!” Lucas said agitatedly.

“Feel hot as in having a fever!” Cordy nearly stomped her foot in frustration.

Why was Lucas being so difficult?

“I don’t have a fever either.” Lucas remained unconvinced.

Cordy took a deep breath as she told herself not to count it against a patient, especially one who fell
sick because of her.

She pressed the call bell. “We need some help here. The patient seems to be running a fever.”

“We’ll be there right away,” the nurse said.

“Cordy, I told you I don’t have a fever!” Lucas yelled angrily at Cordy.

Cordy simply ignored him.

After a while, a doctor and a nurse arrived in the ward.

“In what way are you feeling unwell?” the doctor asked.

“I don’t feel unwell,” Lucas said huffily.

“Don’t listen to him. He probably has a fever-his entire body feels warm and even his face is flushed,’
Cordy explained to the doctor.

The doctor nodded in acknowledgement, while the nurse immediately pulled out a thermometer and
measured Lucas’ forehead temperature.

“99 degrees,” the nurse reported as she looked at the little window on the thermometer. “It’s not
considered a fever.”

“I told you so!” Lucas spluttered in fury.

“But his face is abnormally flushed,” Cordy said, still ill at ease.

“He’s wrapped up too warmly in the sheets and short of breath,” the doctor suggested as he observed
Lucas’ condition. “Don’t wrap yourself up so tightly, especially not over your wounds as it might cause
infections. Open up the sheets a little.’

Lucas remained unmoved. In fact, he instinctively clung on tighter to the sheets around him. 1

Cordy had never seen a man as unbelievable as Lucas.

The more someone told him to do something, the stronger he opposed it.

Did he think he was still a child?!

He was only younger by three years. How immature could he get?!

Cordy was so miffed she reached out and rudely pulled away Lucas’ sheets.

Lucas never expected Cordy to be so barbaric.

It did not take him much strength to wrap the blanket around himself, but Cordy’s arm yanked the
blanket away from him in one tug.

Just then…


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