Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 753

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The world turned quiet, with everyone staring agape at Lucas…

And then…

Utter embarrassment!

Things became extremely awkward in the room.

“Return me my sheets!” Lucas said through gritted teeth.

Cordy immediately did so.

Lucas covered himself angrily, pulling the sheets over his head.

“That is… very normal,” the doctor said, trying to ease the tension in the room.

Cordy’s face blushed.

“Why is everyone still standing around here?!’ Lucas yelled through the sheets.

The doctor immediately snapped back to reality. “It’s fine. We’ll leave right away.”

“Hurry up!’ Lucas rushed them unceremoniously.

“Patient’s next-of-kin, do try to talk to him,” the doctor reminded Cordy before leaving hastily with the

“I will. Thank you, doctor,” Cordy said with a tinge of awkwardness in her voice.

The doctor and nurse left the ward.

Cordy looked at Lucas wrapped up in his cocoon and said, “Come on out.”

“Don’t bother me.”

“The doctor has already said that it’s normal.”

“I know full well if it’s normal or not. Don’t talk anymore!’ Lucas yelled harshly.

Cordy could understand why Lucas was unable to accept what happened just now.

What was more, he was such a proud man.

Cordy said nothing more and left Lucas’ bedside.

Silence ensued in the room once more.

When Lucas was finally unable to tolerate the silence, he crept out from below the sheets.

After all that had happened, his body finally relaxed.

But the thought of what just happened…

Was there a grudge between him and Cordy from their past lives? Why did bad things keep happening
to him each time he met her?

This time… this time… in front of so many people…

He felt like burying himself alive!

“Well…” Cordy suddenly broke the silence.

Lucas jumped in fright, i

This woman was doing it on purpose, deliberately scaring him when he was lost in his thoughts.

He was certain that if he died of unnatural causes one day, Cordy would certainly be involved.

“Do you want me to inform Nana…”

“Shut up!” Lucas cut her off, “Don’t interfere in my affairs! Also, my bodily reaction today has nothing to
do with you. It’s simply because I’m a young, hot-blooded man. Don’t flatter yourself!”

At that moment, Cordy felt like her kind intentions toward Lucas had been trampled on.

Such people deserve no pity even if they died!

Cordy turned around, refusing to respond to him.

The night went on, and silence fell upon them once more.

Lucas was unable to fall asleep.

He felt like dying each time he recalled that utterly embarrassing and awkward scene earlier!


Lucas poked his head out of the sheets and stared at the ceiling. His mind was a chaos of familiar
silhouettes and shadows floating around, but he could not make out who or what they were even upon
deeper thought.

They just felt familiar, as if he had experienced and known them before.

Why in the world did he have such a feeling?

Why did he feel differently about Cordy and Richard?

Could it really be…


Richard had a paternity test done.

He should trust science.

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