Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 755

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Not wanting to reject him at the expense of her own health, Cordy accepted Lucas’ shirt.

To be honest, it had been a while since she had a good night’s sleep.

The smell on Lucas’ clothes and pillow that was left in her house had gradually faded, and the quality of
her sleep deteriorated along with it. 1

Before Cordy settled herself down for bed, she took a closer look at Lucas’ shirt.

Perhaps due to her designer’s instinct, she wanted to see what shirt could make Lucas care so much
about it.

However, just one look was enough for Cordy to recognise it.

She was, of course, familiar with her own works.

This shirt was from high-end luxury under Starstream Group, a limited- edited piece across the globe.

Although this brand belonged to Starstream Group, it was not marketed under the name of the
company and thus, its brand direction differed from other brands of the company. That was why many
people did not know that the brand belonged to Starstream Group.

“Are you shocked by the beauty of this piece?” Lucas saw Cordy checking out his shirt and said

Cordy simply ignored him.

“Don’t deny it. The clothes from this brand are designed way better than yours.”

Cordy lay on the bed silently.

With the familiar smell on the shirt, she was beginning to feel sleepy.

“What, feeling inferior now?” Lucas said proudly.

He wanted to see Cordy concede defeat.

Cordy found Lucas immature to no end.

She turned around with her back facing him, pretending like he did not exist.

“It’s better to admit that there are people better than you, Cordy. Don’t always think that you’re

“Since when did I say that I was superior?!” Cordy could not believe what she was hearing from him.
“What’s more, this piece is past its season. Why are you so smug about it?”

“Classics will never go out of style. Of course, you don’t have any such classics under your belt, so
you’re just being sour grapes.”

Cordy did not want to respond to Lucas.

All she wanted to do was to sleep.

“Stop talking. If you really like this designer’s pieces, I’ll send you her new pieces the moment they
launch, whether they are limited-edition pieces or not,” Cordy said with a tinge of annoyance in her

She would take it as compensation for him giving her his shirt.

As this shirt was sullied with streaks of blood because of the accident today, he might not be able to
wear it after today.

“Don’t be so boastful. It’s hard to even get your hands on this piece. For limited-edition pieces like this,
I had to queue for two months before I could get it. This brand releases only one design per season,
limited to only fifty pieces across the globe. Royalty and the bigwigs would’ve

reserved them long ago.” Lucas looked at her in disdain as he went on. “Do you really think you can
buy a piece just because you are slightly known in the fashion scene? I had to get Maron to help me
buy it. Do you think you’re more influential than he is?!”

“I don’t think I am.”

Maron was undeniably the leading designer in the country and renowned even internationally. He was
capable of rallying big shots in the industry at a single call.

“Since you’re not, don’t be so boastful, lest you’re unable to do it and things will get so awkward
between us…”

“I’m the designer,” Cordy said, no longer wanting to speak in riddles with him.

She never intended to tell him that as she did not want to embarrass him, but he was seriously asking
for it.

“Huh?” Lucas was completely stunned.

“I said that I was the one who designed this shirt, and the brand belongs to Starstream Group. If you
don’t believe me, you can ask Maron. I remember this shirt-he said that he had a super fan who wanted
to buy it but was just unable to get his hands on it, and he asked me to reserve one piece for the fan no
matter what, so I did. If I remember it correctly, this was a new design released last season, right?”

Lucas was speechless.

He had wanted to dent Cordy’s ego and shave off her sharp corners, and he did not want her climbing
all over him during this time.

Yet, he did not expect to end up embarrassing himself!

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