Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 761

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“Lucas.” Nana could not hold herself back and called out to him.

Lucas turned around and said, “Let’s go back to the ward.”

“Do you blame me?” Nana asked.

“I don’t,” Lucas said.

“But you’re not happy,” Nana looked at him, “Lucas, I love you too much. Just a twitch of your face and
I know what you’re feeling. Are you upset that I asked you to keep your distance from Cordy?”

“No, I’m not.” Lucas denied.

“Are the three years we spent together no match for Cordy, whom you just got to know?” Nana became
increasingly agitated as tears tumbled down her cheeks.

Lucas looked at Nana and said, “I just don’t want you to go against your conscience because of me.”

Nana’s eyes shifted, not truly comprehending what Lucas meant.

“Cordy didn’t push you down, did she?” Lucas questioned her, but his tone was firm and filled with

“Do you really trust her so much?” Nana asked, on the brink of collapse.

“It’s just that I’m clear of her character…”

“You’ve only just gotten to know her. Why do you trust her so much? We’ve known each other for so
many years-why don’t you believe me instead?” Nana questioned him. “Am I so terrible in your eyes?”

Nana became so agitated that her pale face flushed red.

She even sounded short of breath.

Lucas noticed her state and gentled his tone. “Let’s forget about what happened today. There really is
nothing between Cordy and I. You’re overthinking things.”

“Am I really overthinking things?” Nana refused to let go of things. “You’re cold and distant from
everyone with the sole exception of Cordy, whom you treat so well! Is it just because she looks pretty?
If you like her face, I can undergo plastic surgery and look just like her…”

“That’s quite enough, Nana.” Lucas finally flared up upon her words. “I don’t wish to fight with you. If
you insist that there’s something between me and Cordy and you refuse to believe my explanation,
then let’s break up.”

Nana could not believe her ears.

It was as if her entire body froze up, except for huge drops of tears that began falling from the corners
of her eyes.

She looked weak and vulnerable to begin with, always able to pique feelings of pity in others.

The look of deep sorrow on her face emphasized her vulnerability to no end.

Few were capable of resisting that look that would soften all hearts.

But this time, Lucas did not back down.

“Are you breaking up with me because of Cordy? What do you take our three years of relationship
for?!” Nana snapped back to reality as she yelled wildly, “No, I’m not breaking up with you. I won’t
break up with you, Lucas, not over my dead body…”

“Calm down,” Lucas saw how overly-agitated Nana was getting and tried to calm her down in a low,
soft voice.

But Nana wouldn’t take Lucas’ persuasion. She became so overcome with emotions that she fainted.

Lucas swiftly caught her mid-air and hurriedly yelled for a doctor.

Thankfully, they were in a hospital, and the nurses swiftly sent Nana to the emergency room.

They resuscitated Nana in time and she was hospitalized when she was out of danger.

Because of that…

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