Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 762

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Because of that… the entire Lynd family turned up at the hospital.

They were anxious about Nana’s sudden attack.

Because of Nana’s condition, she has always been heavily doted upon in the Lynd family. Everyone
indulged her every whim and fancy.

“What happened, Nana? You’ve only returned to the capital for a few months, yet you’ve been sent to
the emergency room twice!” Jean said reprovingly, but her eyes were filled with genuine concern.

“I have no idea, either.” Nana shook her head, putting on her image of the obedient girl she had always

“Perhaps you really aren’t suited for the capital after all. I was just thinking that you should settle down
in the capital instead of migrating overseas after getting married to Lucas, since I might miss you too
much,” Jean said helplessly. “But now, it seems like sending you overseas might be a better idea?”

Nana looked silently at Lucas, as if seeking his opinion.

Lucas came back with the intention of expanding the business, although he was still under probation
during this period.

Jean followed Nana’s line of sight and also turned to Lucas with a smile.” Lucas loves you so much, I’m
sure he’ll go wherever you go. Isn’t that right, Lucas?”

Lucas did not immediately respond to her.

Jean went on, “If you hadn’t returned to the capital, Lucas might not even have come back.”

“Is that so?” Nana pushed Lucas for a confirmation.

Lucas pursed his lips. ‘Yeah.”

Back then, aside from Nana who was indeed a reason for his return to the capital, another reason was
also that the market showed great growth potential.

“Then, if I want you to go abroad with me now, will you?” Nana looked ardently at Lucas.

“Your health is a priority right now. Focus on recuperating and we’ll talk about this next time.” Lucas did
not give her a direct answer.

Disappointment flooded Nana’s eyes.

Jean could naturally sense how upset her granddaughter was, but to avoid making things more
awkward, she decided to let things go and change the subject to lighten the atmosphere.

It was only until when Jean was about to leave that she singled Lucas out for a chat outside the ward.

“Lucas, are there issues between you and Nana?” Jean cut to the chase.

Old is indeed gold. At one glance, she could sense the difference in the air between the two of them.

Lucas kept quiet, a silent admission to Jean’s guess.

But he did not want to explain too much.

“As an old woman, I really shouldn’t interfere in the matters of the heart between you youngsters. But
you know Nana’s health isn’t the best and she cant withstand any blows. Back then, when you decided
to be with her, you should’ve been prepared for this, that you cant afford to hurt her your entire life,”

Jean said firmly. “I don’t care who’s right or wrong in this case. Whatever it is, I don’t want to see Nana

“What happens in our relationship should remain between the two of us,’ Lucas said curtly.

He was showing respect to her as his elder by not flaring up at her meddling in their affairs.

But at the same time, he did not want to compromise on his own principles just because of Jean’s
domineering aura.

“I don’t care about other people, perhaps even my other grandchildren, but not Nana. Her health
condition means that she’s fated to be under my protection. If you hurt her, I’ll make sure you won’t be
able to survive in the capital!’ Jean said emphatically as she issued her threat.

Lucas looked fearlessly at her.

“Of course, I don’t ever wish to see things end up like that between us,” Jean didn’t need Lucas’
agreement and simply left him with a final warning. “Treat Nana well.”

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