Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 764

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“Will you… break up with me, then?” Nana looked wistfully at Lucas.

Lucas swallowed past his constricted throat.

He suddenly realized that he was unable to give an immediate reply.

“I promise I’ll never behave like that from now on.” Nana admitted to her mistake again. “Lucas, don’t
abandon me, please?”

“I won’t,’ Lucas said.

He had promised her that he would take care of her for her entire life.

He had never considered breaking his word.

As for Cordy…


The principle of first come, first served did not apply to matters of the heart.

Conversely, the values of propriety and righteousness were key.

He had been with Nana for three years and could not let her down.

“Thank you, Lucas.” Nana smiled through her tears.

Lucas forced a smile on his face.

He said, “Don’t let your imagination run wild next time.”

“Yes, I wont do that again.” Nana nodded obediently.

That marked the end of their fight.

Cordy and Richard checked themselves into a top-class seven-star hotel in the capital and settled in

All the way there from the hospital, Richard had something on his mind, but he found himself unable to
articulate it.

Cordy could not take it any longer and said, “Dicky, what do you want to say? Don’t hold back. I’m
afraid you might fall sick from suppressing yourself.”

Richard looked at Cordy, mustered up the courage, and said, ‘Mommy, I recorded the conversation just

Cordy was shocked.

She did not expect Richard to do something like that despite his young age.

Who did that resemble?

John Levine.

“The recording can prove that you did not push Nana and expose her true colors to Lucas,’ Richard
said self-righteously.

Cordy smiled.

She caressed Richard’s head.

He was almost as tall as she was. No, he seemed to have grown taller this month and probably
exceeded her height.

She said, “I’m glad that you’re quick-witted enough to do that, and that you recognize right from wrong.
But Richard, in the grown-up world, things sometimes aren’t as black-and-white as they seem. It might
be a little early for me to say these to you and it might even negatively affect your values, but if I don’t
explain certain things, I’m afraid you might get obsessed thinking about it.’

Richard listened intently.

Cordy said rather helplessly, ’Lucas actually knows very well whether I pushed Nana and therefore,
there’s no need for evidence. The key lies in who Lucas chooses to side with. If he chooses to side with
Nana, he wouldn’t care about the evidence even if we show it to him. If he chooses to side with me,
although that is just a hypothetical situation that is nearly impossible, he would determine that we’re
innocent even without evidence. As for exposing Nana’s true colors…for all we know, Lucas might
already be aware of her true colors!”

“You must be curious as to why Lucas is still with Nana despite seeing her true colors. I can only say
that the matters of the heart cannot be explained with logic. Sometimes, you don’t need a reason to like
someone. It might even be blind love, so despite knowing her character flaws, Lucas might still choose
to be with her regardless.”

Cordy summarized, “In all, their relationship is between the two of them, and outsiders like us shouldn’t
interfere. As for how they would see us, that is actually not important. Be it for them or for us, we are
outsiders to each other.”

“But we aren’t outsiders,” Richard said, clearly upset, “We’re obviously people closest to him.”

Cordy was dumbfounded.

Richard was bent on seeing Lucas as his father.

“Even so, he has a new lover now. We’re no longer people closest to him.” Cordy decided to make
things clear for Richard.

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