Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 765

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“But I think that Lucas has feelings for you,” Richard said firmly. “He likes you.”

“Then all the more we should keep our distance,’ Cordy said with determination in her voice. “The worst
thing we can do is to break a couple apart. Dicky, you must always remember, never be a third party in
someone else’s relationship!”

“We aren’t the third party, Nana is the third party!” Richard said adamantly.

Richard typically would not use that tone on her.

He had always been obedient to her, but he was unusually stubborn and strong-headed today.

Did Richard think that Cordy felt wronged by Nana today?

She did not feel wronged.

Firstly, although Nana did malign her, she did not feel like she was disadvantaged at all during the
incident today. Conversely, Nana’s malicious actions created a rift between her and Lucas.

Secondly, Nana was not an important figure at all to Cordy, and Cordy did not take Nana and what she
did to heart.


“Lucas really is my daddy,’ Richard said out loud, no longer able to hold himself back.

Cordy had no words to persuade Richard.

She said helplessly, “Do you really want this daddy?”

“No,” Richard denied, ‘ Although I really hate the current Lucas, he’s my daddy after all and I cant bring
myself to ignore him. I’m really scared that after he regains his memory, he’ll regret it his whole life.
Mommy, can you please chase Daddy and get him back fast?”

“Dicky,” Cordy said earnestly and patiently, “Even if he really is your daddy, it’s impossible for Mommy
to chase him back. Since he has already made his choice, we should respect his decision.”

“But he doesn’t remember his past…”

“Whatever it is, this is his choice. He has a brand new life, and if you want him to lead it well, we
shouldn’t bother him.”

“He’ll definitely regret it in the future.” Richard’s eyes turned red.

Perhaps he finally realized the futileness of the entire situation.

No matter what he said, Mommy was going to give up on Daddy.

And Daddy had lost his memory. He had forgotten Mommy and he was unable to make Daddy regain
his memory and make him pursue Mommy once more. 1

“He has to live with the choice he made. You shouldn’t worry about him. What you should do right now
is to take care of yourself and grow up

strong and healthy. That would make me the happiest, now and forever.” Cordy comforted him gently.

Richard bit his lip as disappointment filled his eyes.

Cordy could not go against her own principles just because of what Richard was feeling.

The thing she hated the most in her entire life was being a third party in someone else’s relationship.

She would never stoop to stealing another woman’s man.

“Be good, stop thinking about it. I’ll bring you out for a feast later in the afternoon.” Cordy tried to cheer
Richard up.

Richard saw the look on Cordy’s face and decided not to be stubborn anymore.

But in the depths of his heart, he was unable to completely accept reality.

He did not want to stand idly by, seeing Mommy and Daddy going their separate ways.

Daddy clearly loved Mommy so much, and Mommy obviously loved Daddy back.

He did not want them to pass each other by.

Cordy watched as Richard walked dejectedly to his computer, switched it on, and began coding to pass
time, 1

She sighed inwardly.

She wondered if Richard had reached the age of becoming sensitive to his own feelings.

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