Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 766

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He was beginning to pine for a family.

Should she seriously consider finding Richard another daddy?


Aside from John, could she find it in herself to accept another man?

Patrick Stuart?

Cordy found it difficult to imagine living with another person.

In the afternoon, Sean came to the hotel and had a meal with Cordy and Richard.

Richard was sluggish throughout the entire meal, and he looked listless and lethargic even as he
walked to the buffet line for some desserts.

Sean looked at Richard, who had his back facing him, and asked, “What’s with Dicky? Is he not used to
living in the capital? Since things are stabilizing with Grandpa, shall I send someone to bring Dicky out
for a stroll?”

“No,” Cordy said. “Dicky has something on his mind.”

“Relationship issues?” Sean’s eyes widened in shock.

Cordy was dumbfounded. “He’s just ten!”

“That scared me for a moment.” Sean chuckled at his over-reaction.

“Little boys have their own troubles, too,” Cordy remarked helplessly.

“What troubles? Can’t you counsel him about it?” Sean whispered.

“I can’t bring him around it.”


“Whatever it is, it’s not something you can resolve.”

“Fine, I won’t ask any further.” As a man with high emotional and intelligence quotients, Sean knew his
boundaries and decided to let things go. He changed the subject and said, ‘I came today to discuss
with you about Grandpa.”

“I also want to know why Grandpa suddenly had a cerebral hemorrhage. By right, he has his regular
checks every two months and everything seems under control. How could such an accident happen so
suddenly?” Cordy said, her tone turning solemn at once.

“Yes, my thoughts exactly. So I secretly retrieved footage from the surveillance cameras in the mansion
and confirmed that Grandpa did faint. No one pushed him and there was no accident.”

Cordy did not interrupt him.

If everything was normal, Sean would not have looked her up.

Indeed, Sean went on. “But I detected traces of a slow-acting drug in his tea leaves which can cause
cerebral hemorrhage with long-term use.”

“In his tea leaves?” Cordy’s face darkened.

“After Grandpa was sent to the hospital, I left behind a spy in the house and sent my private assistant
to the mansion on the excuse of taking something for me. Fact is, I made him go back to secretly

gather remains of the food that Grandpa ate that day. I finally managed to detect traces of the drug in
his tea leaves.”

Sean was indeed a careful and thorough man.

“Seems like it’s done with malicious intent,” Cordy mumbled to herself before asking, “Do you know
who’s behind this?”

“The butler is the one overseeing everything that Grandpa eats, wears, and uses on a daily basis. He’s
the only one who can drug Grandpa without anyone knowing.”

“But the butler has nothing against Grandpa. In fact, since Grandpa trusts the butler so much, the butler
would feel all the more thankful for him and respect him. It’s impossible that he would harm Grandpa,

“Someone else is instigating him to do it.” Sean finished her sentence.

“And this someone else cannot possibly be an outsider. Having been with Grandpa and worked with
the Cranston family for so long, I believe outsiders wouldn’t be able to bribe him so easily. No one
would dare take the risk too. Conversely, it’s more likely to be someone close to us.” Cordy fixed her
eyes on Sean and went on, ’In other words, this person must be a Cranston and probably someone
important in the family.”

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