Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 767

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Cordy looked straight into Sean’s eyes.

Sean smiled helplessly. “What, are you suspecting me?”

“How can I not?” Cordy said solemnly.

Cordy went through all the possibilities in her head and found Sean to be the prime suspect.

He was currently staying with the Cranstons in the room that was closest to Jesse’s room. His word
held power in the Cranston family and the servants in the family heeded his command. It was easy for
him to bribe a couple of them.

“Of course you can/ Sean said nonchalantly.

But on second thought, Cordy did not think that it was Sean.

It was not that she was afraid that he was a thief posing as a judge, but rather, she realized he did not
have a motive to harm Jesse.

From what she heard, Jesse wrote his will long ago. It would not be a surprise for him to suddenly pass
away given his power and status and that he was advanced in years. So he made preparations early
such that everything was set in stone when he died.

That left her with only one other possibility.

“You’ve guessed it, haven’t you?” Sean saw the look on Cordy’s face and said with certainty.

He knew how smart Cordy was.

How bad could his aunt’s daughter be?

“So, that will is key,” Cordy said frankly.

“The lawyer will never show us his will before Grandpa dies. The agreement back then was legally
binding and it’s illegal to breach it/ Sean clarified.

“In that case, aside from Grandpa and the lawyer, no one else should know the details of the will,
right?” Cordy looked at Sean.

“By right, yes.’

“In other words, the lawyer leaked the details of the will long ago. Because details of the will were
leaked, that person knows that he would benefit from the will. As long as something happens to
Grandpa, he would get everything,” Cordy reasoned. 1

“Absolutely correct.”

“But since everything would sooner or later be his, why did he take such a risk? Was he so desperate
for the money?” Cordy asked.

“That’s because he sensed a threat,” Sean answered her doubts, ’He was worried that the longer time
passed, the more likely it was that Grandpa would amend his will. So he acted quickly before Grandpa
had a chance to make any changes to his will.”

Cordy nodded.

She finally figured out the full story.

Now, the key was in that will and the lawyer.

If the lawyer leaked the details of the will, he surely had an under-the-table transaction with that person,
and it most likely involved money.

Money could move mountains; that had been so since ancient times.

“Check on the lawyer’s bank accounts. That might give you some clues,’ Cordy reminded Sean.

“Yeah, I’ll do that.” Sean nodded.

“I can’t think of anything more. You should go on investigating based on what you’ve found. I need to
think this through first,” Cordy felt her head throbbing.

She knew that Sean looked her up today to discuss things further and get some useful information from
her. He wanted to identify the culprit who wanted to harm Grandpa.

“If I think of anything, I’ll update you at once.”

After wrapping the discussion up, both of them instinctively looked toward Richard.

Richard looked listless the entire time.

“Are you sure he did not fall out of love?” Sean observed Richard carefully.

Cordy thought it was a reasonable explanation.

Just that Lucas was the object of Richard’s affections, the daddy he was certain of.

Zoe’s team performance came to an end in the recording studio for the third season of the program on
North City TV station.

Applause thundered enthusiastically across the studio.

The audience was enraptured by the actors on stage.

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