Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 771

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From a second glance, the girl appeared a little familiar. However, Jay couldn’t quite remember where
he had seen her.

She was wearing a little pink dress, and her face was exceedingly beautiful.

He had met many child actors in showbiz, but this was the first time he was seeing one as beautiful as
this girl. She was so lovely, a single glance was enough for him to tailor a role for her.


Yelena called out to him again since he wasn’t responding. Jay smiled, dropping to a crouch before her.

Even if it was inconvenient to do so with the cane, he did his best to maintain level height with the girl.
He asked gently, ‘Were you calling me, little girl?”

“Yes.” Yelena nodded tamely, and threw herself into his arms.

Jay’s entire body stiffened as he felt a sensation he couldn’t quite describe …and his chest somehow
grew warm.

He gently pushed her away nonetheless; at that, she leveled her round eyes at him with a wounded
look. “You don’t like me, Daddy? Is that why you push me away?”

“No, you have the wrong person. I’m not your daddy,” Jay quickly explained.

It was as if he couldn’t bear to see her hurt at all. If the girl was in showbiz, she would probably get
wildly popular whichever film she starred in.

“How could you not be?” Yelena asked in return.

Somehow, the question left Jay completely stumped.

How was he supposed to explain this to a three year-old child?

“Don’t you have a daddy?” he asked mildly and patiently.

“Yes,” Yelena said solemnly. “You are my daddy.”

Jay was a little helpless, not knowing what to say. Yelena glanced at his cane and asked in the same
solemn tone, “Daddy, is your leg hurt? Is that why you couldn’t find mommy and me?”

“No, kid. I’m not your daddy-you have the wrong person,” Jay said feebly and patiently. “Who did you
come here with? Your mommy? Should I help you find her?’

In the end, he decided to give up on explaining. All he had to do is leave her to her parents, who would
in turn explain in his stead.

“Mommy and I came here to have dinner. She’s in the washroom, and she told me not to run off,”
Yelena replied.

“In that case, you should stay there,” Jay told her. “Your mommy would worry if she couldn’t find you.”

“Okay.” Yelena nodded tamely again, looking ready to turn and head inside the washroom again.

But then, she turned around again and asked, “Are you leaving Mommy and me, Daddy?”

Jay would love to stay and have such a beautiful little girl for his daughter, but he would rather not
break the law.

“Hurry on, go to your Mommy,” he urged nonetheless. “She’d be worried if she couldn’t find you.”

He could read how dependent the little girl was towards her mother, and it was the only way she could
turn her down.

To no surprise, Yelena turned to leave.

Jay watched as her tiny figure left, feeling a little reluctant to see her go.

He stood at the doorway to the ladies’ room and didn’t leave for a while, until a woman arrived.

Said woman checked the sign to make sure that it was the ladies’ room, then shot Jay a suspicious
look. At that, Jay finally came to his senses and fled in embarrassment.

Zoe just happened to step out of her cubicle at the same time, and wasn’t shy with her praise seeing
Yelena waiting there obediently. “Good girl.”

“I just saw Daddy, Mommy,” Yelena suddenly told Zoe with a dead serious look.

Zoe did a double take.

When did she ever tell Yelena that the girl had a daddy? Or who it was, for that matter?

“The one on TV. Saw on TV… You said Daddy…”

Yelena became a little excited, so much that she started to fumble her words.

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