Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 774

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Yelena’s little face was covered in bubbies as she babbled excitedly,” Mommy!”

As Zoe helped Yelena wipe the bubbles off, Yelena asked innocently, “Let’s take a bubble bath with
Daddy next time, okay?’

Zoe felt her good mood killed right then—Yelena really couldn’t get over the whole daddy thing, could

Zoe scooped Yelena out of the bathtub, quickly rinsing the little girl before coaxing her to sleep.

Zoe was going to read Yelena a fairy tale of a prince and a princess, but the latter yawned and instead
asked, “Can Daddy read to me next time? I want Daddy to read it to me…”

How many times had Zoe told Yelena that she didn’t have one?

Fortunately, Yelena was too tired and quickly fell asleep. Even as she closed her eyes, she was still
murmuring, “Daddy…’

Zoe was genuinely speechless.

She tucked Yelena in before going to the living room for a drink of water, where she found Clara
cleaning up the room after the little birthday party.

The house was always a mess because they had a child around, and Clara would clean up after
everyone fell asleep.

Zoe suggested getting a maid, but Clara refused, insisting that she could manage everything alone.

Still, Zoe knew that Clara was simply unwilling to spend the money.

While Zoe did have money to spare over the last three years, Clara had basically been eating it away.
She was also deathly afraid of investments, in fear that it would fail and they would end up losing
money instead. She couldn’t work either, since people might recognize her, which in turn would lead to
more trouble. That, and Yelena did need babysitting, i

“You should go to bed soon,” Zoe said flatly as she drank.

“I’ll do it later,” Clara quickly replied, careful as ever around Zoe.

Zoe had a stuffy sensation over her chest, but stayed silent.

Once Clara was done cleaning, she looked at Zoe, struggling with herself for a while before she asked,
“Yelena saw her father today, didn’t she?”

“Cough!’ Zoe choked on her drink, and Clara hurried to rub her back.

Zoe took a while to regain her senses, and realized Clara’s proximity…

Clara immediately withdrew her hand and stepped away, understanding that Zoe always refused to let
her get too close.

Nonetheless, Zoe admitted, ’Yeah, we did.”

She had no intention of hiding it from Clara, anyway.

“Who is he?” Clara remained curious—could it be Bob?

The man was an overgrown boy, but after they broke up, Zoe spent a long time missing him.

Clara also firmly believed that Zoe found where she belonged in Bob.

“It’s not Bob. Anyway, I’ll just pretend he didn’t exist since I don’t plan on telling him,” Zoe said bluntly.

Zoe clearly had no intention of elaborating, so Clara didn’t press any further.

“By the way…” Zoe frowned. “When did I tell Yelena who her father was?’

She really couldn’t remember, and even Clara didn’t know. So how did a three-year-old child know so

Clara mused to herself for a while until she suddenly remembered, “Do you recall drinking a little too
much just before we returned to North City?”

At that, Zoe realized with a start… It had happened a couple nights ago, before she decided to return to
North City; a decision that left her with mixed emotions.

Clara had made Zoe’s favorite dishes, and since she hadn’t been drinking for a while, she had a carton
of beer delivered to their house. Clara didn’t drink, so Zoe took most of the beer herself and unwittingly
drank a little too much… It must’ve at least seven bottles.

Zoe more or less remembered that she had been on the couch at that time. Clara was washing the
dishes while Yelena was playing beside her, and there was an exclusive interview of Jay on TV…

Could Zoe have blurted everything while drunk?!

Sh*t! Accidents do happen under the influence of alcohol!

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