Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 777

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Zoe quickly asked, “A-Are you alright? Should I call an ambulance?”

Jay’s heart rate was frighteningly fast!

“I-I’m fine,” Jay stammered, working hard to make his voice sound calm. “I just had a little too much to

“But your heart’s racing,” Zoe said seriously. “You might contract something in your veins, and a blood
clot in your brain can lead to stroke.”

Jay chuckled feebly at her words. “You really want me dead, don’t you?”

Zoe was speechless-that wasn’t what she meant, but whatever.

She didn’t want to waste time on him; they were all adults, and it was his own business to take care of

“Where’s your phone? I’ll call your assistant to take you home,” she said.

“I think it’s in my pants pocket,” Jay replied, but he was not reaching for it.

Zoe was speechless-a drunk person was really difficult to deal with.

She reached into his pockets, but there was nothing in either of them.

Was he messing with her?

‘There’s nothing there,” she said, not noticing that the man before her was blushing…though it wasn’t
like she could, what with his face flushed from alcohol.

“It’s not?” he asked in return, and mumbled, “Where did it go N

Zoe felt like they were existing on different wavelengths, and so gave up on asking as she patted him

She searched everywhere including his jacket’s pocket, but still found nothing.

Maybe his phone was outside?

She was going to let go of him to start searching, but he started to teeteer over the side just as he was
about to leave.

Zoe quickly caught him again, pressing herself fully against him.

She didn’t notice his stiffened lips obviously curling up right then.

“Can you walk without your cane?” she asked-it was left on the floor, so she should retrieve it for him.
She would really have a hard time keeping him standing.

“Probably…” he nodded.

“I’ll help you go there now.’

“Thank you.”

With that, Zoe helped Jay out of the washroom with considerable difficulty, and had him sit on the

She first brought the cane back for him before searching everywhere for his phone. She looked into
every nook and cranny and even called it, but it was still nowhere to be found.

Where did Jay leave it?!

Was he so drunk he threw it away?

“Do you remember your assistant’s number?” she asked.

Jay shook his head.

“Is he waiting for you downstairs? Or maybe you have your chauffeur’s number?” Zoe pressed.

“No. I sent my assistant home early,” Jay said with a muddle voice. “He’s usually the one who calls my

“Then how are you going to go home?” Zoe stared at him- he was drunk, and had a limp… How was he
supposed to leave?

Jay returned her gaze, his unfocused yet crystalline eyes seemingly asking her the same question too.

She breathed a deep sigh-she wasn’t happy about this, but he wasn’t going to make it home if she left
him alone.

“I’ll take you home,” she said, before adding, “If you don’t mind.”

It was just returning a favor, since Jay had sent her home a few times before.

“Thank you.” Jay appeared apologetic.

Zoe ignored that, and arched her back to help him up again.

It was difficult for them to shamble out of the karaoke bar and finally hail a taxi.

“Where’s your address?” Zoe asked.

Jay told her.

Fortunately, it wasn’t Levine Manor; if it was, she might have abandoned him halfway there.

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