Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 776

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After all, their victory at the competition was overwhelming.

Zoe didn’t hold back either, and poured herself a full glass while toasting Jay. “Sorry for being late, Mr.
Parker. Bottom’s up.”

Zoe chugged her glass right after she spoke, while Jay glanced at her before picking her glass and
finishing it in one go.

Zoe remembered that he couldn’t hold his liquor.

Had he improved so much after they were just years apart?

Well, that had nothing to do with her anyway.

“I thought you were busy?” Jay asked nonchalantly.

“I was just finished,” Zoe replied, not bothered to elaborate.

“Right.” Jay didn’t ask anything further-it was just a polite exchange.

After they drank, Candice pulled Zoe along to start drinking with the others.

Though she was late, Zoe didn’t try to push them away. However, they were so intoxicated that they
promptly joined in once Zoe offered them a toast.

And thus it was a massacre in under an hour, with some of them vomiting their stomachs out right then
and there.

Zoe was actually a little surprised that the social drinking session was called off right then and there.
Since she wasn’t drunk, she arranged rides for everyone.

These people were celebrities, no matter how far they were from the peak. And with ‘Actors on Set’
quickly gaining popularity, it was ultimately scandalous to let them be photographed in such a
disgraceful state.

Once everyone was sent away safely, Zoe remembered that her bag was still at the bar and hurried to
get it.

As she got in, she heard someone puking their guts out loudly in the washroom.

Was there someone who hadn’t left yet? She remembered clearly that everyone was settled in.

Perplexed, she headed to the washroom to find Jay leaning against the toilet bowl and curling up as he
vomited loudly.

Zoe hadn’t seen Jay around when the party was over. As such, she assumed he had already left. He
was the instructor anyway, so he didn’t need to tell everyone that he was leaving. His assistant could
drive him home even if he was drunk, so Zoe didn’t expect him to still be in the washroom. i

How long had he been there? She remembered not seeing him for half an hour, at least.

Zoe was hesitating between leaving and kindly asking if he needed hospital when she saw Jay pushing
himself up with much difficulty.

However, due to his limp, he fell as soon as he got up; he hit his head on the toilet bowl with such a
loud thud that Zoe was startled. For a moment, she wondered if he had damaged his brain.

Hurrying to help him by reflex, she asked, “Are you alright?”

Jay was actually stunned for a moment from hitting his head, though his mind soon cleared when he
heard the familiar voice. He saw Zoe suddenly appear before him.

“I’ll help you up. Be careful,” she said without looking him in the eye, and tried to help him up with all
the strength she had.

But he was just so heavy-men’s appearances can really be deceiving, as their weight could easily
crush another person beneath them. i

Jay was wobbling without control after getting drunk. He only had one functioning foot, so Zoe’s help
didn’t mean much.

In fact, he almost fell right after he got up because he couldn’t hold himself steady, if not for Zoe
holding him very firmly.

He was so close, he could pick up the scent of her faint yet addictive scent; he couldn’t stop his heart
from racing.

Zoe, on the other hand, was just doing her best to not let Jay fall. She didn’t think she was holding him
too closely, nor did she notice that her face was pressing against his chest.

She was going to leave after she managed to make him stand steady when she heard his heart
pounding exceedingly quickly and loudly, as if it would leap out of his chest.

Was he allergic to alcohol?

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