Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 775

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Clara actually regretted doing the dishes instead of staying with Zoe at the time.

She missed the opportunity to find out who Yelena’s father was!

And now, they were never going to make Yelena understand, even if they wanted to.

Moreover, judging from Zoe’s attitude, she wasn’t going to say anything to Yelena’s father.

Just then, Zoe’s phone rang. She hesitated a while after seeing the caller, but ultimately answered.

“Where are you, Zoe?’ Candice asked excitedly from the other end.

“What is it?”

“Are you done with whatever you need to do?” Candice pressed.

“Uh…” Zoe did not respond-experience told her that Candice was definitely asking her out for drinks.

And to no surprise, Candice went on, “Come to the karaoke bar! We’re changing places now.’

“I think I’ll pass…”

“Whatever it is that’s important to you, you have to come!” Candice exclaimed. ’Mr. Parker’s still here. It
won’t do if you’re the only one missing out. Hurry, everyone’s waiting! I’m sending you the address

Zoe was hesitant, as she really didn’t want to go.

However, she was the only one absent. It would certainly make her look like she was full of herself.

She wasn’t worried about upsetting Jay, since things were more or less settled between them.

Even so, she didn’t want to cause too unsociable and self-important.

Interpersonal relationships took priority in showbiz,

As such, Zoe ultimately gave in.

Yelena was asleep. Zoe had more or less celebrated her daughter’s birthday although it was imperfect.

Putting down her glass, Zoe started to head to her room, intending on getting changed before heading

Seeing her actions, Clara asked, “Are you going out again?”

“Yeah. Some friends are calling me for karaoke-can’t say no.”

“It’s very late. Stay safe,” Clara told her.

“I know.”

Clara sighed feebly, feeling pained for Zoe. “You’ve been so busy ever since you came back.”

“That’s showbiz for you,” Zoe replied flatly, already prepared for the hardship.

“I know. It was the same when Cora…”

Clara trailed off-it was the first time Clara actually mentioned Cora.

It was Clara’s own selfishness that she caused such injustice to both of them.

“Yeah, I guess,” Zoe replied nonchalantly, unconcerned about Cora being mentioned.

Clara watched silently as Zoe left—Zoe was truly kind at heart.

No doubt, Clara had made a terrible mistake all those years ago.

There weren’t that many people when Zoe arrived at the karaoke bar, but they were clearly tipsy.

Once Zoe arrived, Candice promptly wrapped her arms around Zoe. “You’re finally here, Zoe!”

Candice’s whole body reeked of alcohol, and her emotions appeared to be running high from drinking
too much.

She wasn’t exactly close with Zoe, but alcohol did leave one less inhibited.

“I was a little busy.”

“Come on! Let’s greet Mr. Parker first.” Candice pulled Zoe towards Jay, who was seated on the couch.

It was a little dark. While Jay was keeping his expression impressive, Zoe could more or less tell that
he had drunk a lot and was probably enjoying himself.

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