Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 778

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Jay was more or less keeping himself in line on the way home, saying nothing and not vomiting until
they arrived at the destination.

Zoe paid the cab fare and helped Jay out of the car, asking,” Can you go upstairs yourself?”

Jay’s figure wobbled, before he said slowly, “I don’t know.”

That was definitely a no-Zoe knew that much.

Jay had always been cunning, always troubling others even though he looked like the type who

Zoe clenched her teeth and helped him into his apartment complex, and up to his unit.

Naturally, the man was staying in an affluent district. Zoe opened the door to see a spacious apartment,
with glass walls covering three of the four walls.

It was an expensive property Zoe hadn’t seen for a while, a little impressed and unable to resist giving
it a few more looks.

She used to scoff at grand apartments like these, but now, they were her dream house.

As she helped Jay into his exceedingly luxurious bedroom, he suddenly said, “I think I’m going to be

Immediately, he vomited without control.

Zoe could tell that he was doing his best not to vomit on her, but it just came too quickly and too
violently that her clothes were hit.

Jay became very silent after that, like a child who had just realized he messed up royally.

But he was already thirtyish—this much wouldn’t kill his reputation!

Even so, Zoe was furious.

He could’ve told her earlier that he was going to vomit, so she could help him to the bathroom.

And now, her clothes were all ruined-how was she supposed to leave? No cab would take her!

Jay apologized, “It was an accident…”

Zoe rolled her eyes-she would’ve shouted at him if it wasn’t.

“Are you still going to vomit?” she asked, restraining her rage.


“Then I’m borrowing your bathroom.”

“Do you need clothes?” Zoe was a little surprised-she would never get new clothes at this hour, but if
Jay had women’s clothes, she could just put them on and leave.

“No,” Jay said.

Damn it. So she was celebrating over nothing.

By the way, was he thirty-three now, or thirty-four? Had he never taken a woman home?

Did none of them leave any clothes here?

“I mean, you can wear my clothes,” Jay said.

That was certainly the only option for Zoe.

She had Jay sit on his bed before heading into his huge closet room, rummaging around.

She still held a tiny bit of hope to find some ladies’ clothes, but there really was none.

As such, she had no choice but to take a set of his pajamas and head into the bathroom.

She showered quickly, and came out to find him wiping the floor, looking just like a maid.

Why is he doing that instead of sleeping, after getting drunk?

He should have a maid coming in everyday, no?

“Why aren’t you in bed?” she asked.

“I want to shower too,” Jay replied.

“You do that. Your washing machine dries your clothes, right?”

‘TH take you,” Jay said, pushing himself to his feet.

Zoe quickly waved him off, worried that he would puke all over her again. “It’s fine. Go take your bath-I
can go on my own.”

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