Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 779

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Zoe quickly left Jay’s bedroom, but she must’ve walked around the apartment twice before finding the
laundry room.

She threw all her clothes inside and pressed the buttons… only to find that it would take almost two
hours for her clothes to dry.

She suddenly remembered Jay taking Bob to his house three years ago, and how Bob vomited all over

Jay waited for two hours at the time, too.

The circle of life, indeed.

As Zoe stayed in the laundry room, Jay never came to check on her—he probably fell asleep right after
taking his shower, since anyone would easily doze off with alcohol.

It was especially true for her, since she was already feeling drowsy without getting drunk.

Still, it was understandable since it was already past midnight.

She yawned endlessly, and checked the time to see that it was already one in the morning.

She hesitated for a while before heading to the vast living room, out of the laundry room.

The view outside the glass wall was indescribably beautiful. Zoe stood there, taking in the night view of
North City.

It was certainly a feast of the eyes, but whatever.

She shouldn’t get greedy; everything depended on how things would turn out now.

Walking away from the window, she took a seat on a massage chair.

She planned to just sit there for a while, but the chair was just too comfortable. Not to mention, she had
been sore all over after going on rehearsals everyday over the last few weeks.

She was just wondering if using the massage function would make her feel comfortable. However, even
before she made up her mind, her body proved more earnest and started pressing the buttons,
adjusting the chair to the most comfortable position.

As she nestled against the chair, she was overwhelmed with bliss and dozed off as the machine
massaged her…

Jay watched as Zoe fell asleep with a faint smile on his lips.

In reality, he didn’t sleep.

He couldn’t bear to do it considering that Zoe hadn’t left, even though he was still drunk.

It was obvious she was repulsed by him, so he was afraid of showing his face—that was, until she
heard the faint sounds of the massage chair activating.

He was under the impression she would hate everything in his house. Yet, she decided to use the
massage chair on her own.

He mustered his courage and wheeled himself out of his room, where he immediately found her falling
asleep on the massage chair.

It had already stopped massaging her, but she was still sound asleep and showed no signs of waking

Jay reached out, unable to resist the urge to stroke her cheek…only to withdraw his hand at the last
moment. She wouldn’t like that.

Still, he stood there, staring at her for a long while, fidgeting a little as if uncomfortable.

The massage chair kept its user snugly fit between its leather cushions, but it was only so large. If one
fell asleep on it, there wasn’t much room.

Jay wanted to scoop her up in his arms, but couldn’t exert his strength while on his wheelchair. He
might even drop her, or worse, wake her.

After hesitating for a while, he returned to his room to get a blanket. He then set the massage chair to
sleep mode so that the chair’s heating stayed on.

He was still reluctant to leave after doing all that, and had to stave off sleep for a while before finally
returning to his bedroom, since he really couldn’t keep his eyes open.

And yet, his heart was still pumping at an irregular rhythm…

It was long past daybreak when Zoe shifted her body, feeling the softness of the cushion around her.

She looked around; it took her a long while to realize that she was still in Jay’s house.

What time was it? It looked quite late already… Did she spend the whole night here?!

She promptly looked for her phone to see that it was way past eight-how did she fall asleep here?!

She quickly got up, and heard a familiar voice right then.” You’re awake?”

Zoe jumped in surprise, and turned to find Jay making what looked like breakfast in the kitchen.

He was dead drunk last night, wasn’t he?

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