Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 781

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Cora said, “Mom’s asking everyone to eat at the manor. You didn’t answer our calls, so she told me and
Bob to swing by while we’re heading over.”

“Oh, okay,” Jay replied. “Will Cordy be bringing Dicky?”

“They’re at the capital. They won’t make it.”

Jay asked no further questions, and said, “Come on in.”

“Okay,” Cora said, and headed inside with Bob.

“I’ll go now,” Zoe said, prepared to put on her shoes and leave right there and then.

“You can leave after breakfast,” Jay said, stopping her.

“I’ll pass.”

“It’s fine-it’s still early, and we’re not going to Levine Manor straight away,” Bob suddenly said.

Zoe glanced at him, and nodded.

Jay pursed his lips, staying impassive. Cora didn’t know that Bob used to date Zoe, and didn’t care
much either since she believed that they were just good friends.

Still, Zoe felt very much on edge, given the complicated relationship between all four of them who were
now sitting in the same room.

It was Cora who broke the awkward silence. “What’s Zoe

doing here?”

“I got drunk while our group was hanging out last night,” Jay answered in Zoe’s stead. “Zoe brough me
home, but I accidentally vomited on her, and she had no clothes to wear. Her clothes were only dried

“Oh.” Cora smiled. “Thanks for taking care of my uncle, Zoe.”

“You’re welcome,” Zoe replied, but could sense the possessiveness just beneath Cora’s seemingly
affable exterior.

Cora turned back to Jay. “By the way, do you know why my mom suddenly asked us home?”

“Beats me.” Jay shook his head. “I wasn’t even informed.”

“I heard it’s about…”

Cora trailed off, seemingly hesitant.

“What is it?” Jay asked.

“She told me not to say, since she’s worried you won’t go back if I did.”

Jay frowned right then. “Tell me.”

Cora was actually slightly scared of him. Not only was he her elder, but he often called to stop her on
the set whenever she messed up while filming with him.

“I think she’s arranging a marriage for you.”


Jay almost choked on his milk.

“I knew you’d get agitated,” Cora said, and quickly passed him some tissues. “But in her defense,
you’re long past thirty. You have to get married, don’t you? I’m getting

married myself, but you’re still a bachelor…”

“I can handle my personal life,” Jay growled.

“Mom said she wouldn’t have to worry if you did,” Cora went on feebly. “She said that the woman is
from a good family and background as well, and a loyal fan who won’t mind your physical condition-“

“Stop it!” Jay snapped, cutting her short.

Cora, however, asked tentatively, “Maybe you prefer men?”

She had been suspecting that for a while.

Jay had been working in showbiz for years, but he never hooked up with any of the ladies even though
it was customary for stars to do so for casting couch.

Maybe the issue was in his sexual preferences?

And to be honest, most people involved in showbiz had plenty of issues. Artists were often abnormal,
and Cora had steeled her mind for such an outcome.

“Watch your mouth,” Jay cut her off sternly.

Beside him, Zoe was slightly amused. She wondered if Cora was really that naive, or was just faking it.

Jay Parker, gay simply because he didn’t mess around with

the ladies?

Whatever, it was their family problem—she was in no place to talk.

“We’re family, Uncle Jay.” Cora persisted nonetheless. “Just admit it, and I’ll work on Mom…”

“Cora,” Bob spoke up, stopping her. “Your uncle is straight as an arrow.

Cora remained skeptical. “Really? But over all those years…”

“Probably just waiting for the right person,” Bob muttered, obviously staring at Zoe. i

Zoe could sense his piercing stare, but didn’t respond. After a while, she put down her knife and fork.

“I’m done,” she said, having finally finished her breakfast.

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