Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 784

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Bob said, “That depends on you. You’re the public figure-we just have to find a date that’s most
convenient for you.”

“You’re that reluctant to marry me, huh?” Cora asked.

Bob’s fingers clenched on his steering wheel, but his tone remained exceedingly relaxed. “I mean, we
could just get our marriage registered right now.”

Cora laughed in amusement. “I mean, it’s just that… You respect me too much every time. I know
you’re doing it for my sake, but I have this nagging feeling you’re not proactive enough.”

“I’m not worried about the hassle. Let me put it this way-1 can hold a grand wedding and make babies
for you here and now, so what say you?”

“Bob!” Cora blushed from his teasing. “My uncle’s here.”

“Just pretend I’m not here,” Jay said. “I’ll get off if you want to start making babies right then.1′

“You too?!” Cora pouted.

The atmosphere in the car returned to normal soon enough, though Bob and Jay traded discreet

Words are not needed when it came to a great many things.

Once they arrived at Levine Manor, Nancy promptly brought a girl whom she introduced to Jay.

Said girl was pretty and carried herself like a disciplined rich daughter.

Nancy had assumed she was Jay’s type: quiet, sweet, and understanding.

Bob, however, could tell immediately that Jay didn’t like the girl. He preferred someone vivacious,
beautiful yet alluring, and down-to-earth… In other words, Zoe York.

Even so, Jay was great at concealing his emotions. He willingly took the girl on a stroll in the back
garden despite not liking her.

Nancy watched as they went, sighing, “That’s one load off my shoulders if this works.”

“Well, I just can’t feel any spark between them,” Cora said quietly.

“Don’t jinx it,” Nancy snapped mildly at Cora.

“By the way, I just saw Zoe today,” Cora said, mentioning what was in her mind.

Nancy’s face dropped, and she didn’t make an effort to hide it. “Where?”

“Uncle Jay’s house,” Cora admitted.

“What?!” Nancy’s shock was obvious.

“Apparently he was drunk, so she brought him home and nursed him for the night,” Cora added.

Nancy’s brow furrowed.

“That’s pretty normal, ma’am. Nothing at all surprising,” Bob said beside them, seemingly indifferent.
“It’s been years, though… Or have you not let it go?”

“Not really,” Nancy denied it immediately. “Just surprised Zoe was in touch with Jay.”

“They’re both in showbiz-they’d run into each other eventually,” Bob pointed out. “Maybe Cora will meet
her soon, too.”

Little did he know that his words would come true later.

“Yeah,” Nancy said, though she didn’t elaborate further.

Cora, however, had the feeling that Bob was siding with Zoe …or was she being paranoid?

Soon, Jay returned with his blind date, who quickly came up with an excuse to leave.

Obviously, it was a dud.

“You don’t have to meddle with my personal life from now on, Nancy. I can handle it myself,” Jay said
mildly, but there was steely determination in his tone. ’

“Cora just told me that Zoe spent the night at your place,” Nancy said bluntly.

As Jay glanced at her, Cora quickly explained, “I…I just mentioned it without thinking. I didn’t mean

“What’s your relationship with Zoe?!” Nancy cut Cora short, her tone suddenly dead serious.

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