Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 788

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Jay ultimately lowered his phone.

He should wait a little longer-he didn’t want to disturb her life out of the blue.

Meanwhile, Jesse Cranston had yet to wake up at the capital.

The foreign experts were saying that there was a chance he would end up in a vegetative state, but it
wasn’t the time to give up since there was still hope to save him.

Cordy brought Dicky to visit, changing into scrubs before entering the cleanroom.

Jesse slept so peacefully, Cordy would think he was napping if not for all the tubes stuck into him.

“The doctors told me to talk to you more, and you might just wake up,” Cordy said, choking back tears.

She had always considered herself someone who can control her own emotions well, and had been
calm on the way here.

The instant she spoke, however, her tears were already flowing freely.

After all, she had gone through too much death-too many of her loved ones had departed.

Her mother, the love of her life…and now, her grandfather too?

After a long silence, she regained her calm and slowly spoke, revealing all the thoughts she hid for
years without restraint.

“I don’t know why mom ran away from home all those years ago… My first reaction when you came to
me, telling me that I’m your granddaughter, was that you’ve definitely wronged her. That’s why I was

distant towards you, even though I didn’t refuse you acknowledging me as your granddaughter- I was
convinced you had done something terrible to mom, and…l wanted revenge.”

“But I grew hesitant whenever I saw that tender smile you always showed me, wondering if I should
open those gory wounds… I suddenly realized that I was afraid of the truth, that I would be
overwhelmed, and most of all, that I would hate you.”

Even as her tears flowed uncontrollably, she continued,” Isn’t it ironic? I wanted revenge, only to grow
dependent on my target. I never bothered investigating since then. Even if I looked distant, I must admit
that I’ve accepted you and my heritage as a Cranston.”

When she was finished, Cordy stared at Jesse quietly, hoping he would stir.

However, he didn’t respond just like always—everyone from the family was there and everyone spoke
to him, but no one actually woke him.

Cordy was simply one of them.

As she left Jesse’s sickbed, she said, “If you wake up, Grandfather, I hope you can tell me about my
mother, and nothing else-without prejudice or emotions. I just want to know what she’s like when she’s

With that, she left ICU; she didn’t notice that Jesse’s fingers seemed to twitch ever so slightly.

As she stepped outside, Dicky was there waiting for her, just as Sean was.

Seeing the sorrowful look on her face, he comforted her by saying, “The doctors said a loved one’s
voice is just one of many alternatives. We’re counting on professional medical science above
everything, so don’t let it get to you.”

“Yeah…” Cordy nodded.

“Come on. I’m taking you and Dicky back to the hotel.”


In the car on their way back to the hotel, Sean told her, “So, about what we discussed the other day…
The bank account of my grandfather’s lawyer showed no unusual transactions.”

Cordy wasn’t surprised.

After all, Steven Stark could assume the role of Jesse’s legal representative and win Jesse’s trust. That
meant he was definitely no pushover. In fact, it was even reasonable to assume that he had hidden any
and all shady transactions perfectly.

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