Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 783

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Bob suddenly asked, “Please don’t tell me you’re rejecting Jay because he’s a cripple.”

“He’s actually a cripple?” Zoe exclaimed in surprise.

“What, you didn’t know? You even called him a cripple just now!” Bob was left dumbfounded.

“I thought…it’s just a fracture, and it’d heal soon,” Zoe was even more dumbfounded than him.

Bob shot her a look before stopping his car by the curb, which left Zoe perplexed. He had seemingly
done it for no reason.

Once he stopped the car, he asked solemnly, “You really didn’t know?”


“That Jay was caught in a car crash,” Bob said, still surprised.

Zoe gasped in shock. “Was it serious?”

Bob rolled his eyes. “Are we doing a comedy routine right now?”

Zoe was speechless, but she definitely had no idea-she had kept herself isolated from everything the
year she left North City, pregnant.

Bob actually seemed a little disappointed about that. “Jay never announced it, but most of the people in
the business

knew—either immediately or eventually. How are you going to flourish in showbiz if you didn’t know that

“But no one told me.”

Zoe was at a loss for words.

She wouldn’t forget something like that if she was told about it. After all, she was no clairvoyant.

“So you’re saying you don’t mind him being a cripple?” Bob asked, returning to the topic at hand.

“There’s nothing between us!” Zoe replied. “I’ve explained to you back then that I was just trying to
break you-it’s not like some spark rekindled. Come to think of it, that doesn’t count since he never loved

“He doesn’t love you?” Bob laughed. “Do you think I would’ve given up so easily if he didn’t?”

“No, he really doesn’t…”

“Can’t you wake up already?” Bob asked, glaring at her.

“I’m perfectly awake!”

Annoyed and confused, Bob snapped, “What makes you think Jay wasn’t into you?”

Zoe retorted in confusion, “Then why do you insist on having me hook up with him?”

“It frustrates me seeing the two of you like this!”

“Then just ignore us,” Zoe replied flatly. “I’m only focused on showbiz right now. Anything else isn’t
worth considering.”

“Fine, I won’t say a thing. But just one last piece of advice: if you really do have feelings for Jay, tell him
right now and stop being so presumptuous. If you don’t, pretend I never said a thing.”

“Alright, I’ll pretend you never said a thing.”

Bob rolled his eyes and sighed in defeat.

No other man would’ve given up being together with the woman he loved, just so she could be
someone else.

And to make things worse, his attempt failed miserably.

After sending Zoe home, Bob returned to Jay’s apartment to pick up Jay and Cora.

Jay had always been the quiet type, though Cora was a little chatty.

“Were you close to Zoe?” Cora asked Bob.

“We grew up together,” Bob replied, glancing at Jay from the rearview mirror while he did.

Jay remained silent.

“Oh, I envy her,” Cora said, seemingly offhandedly.

“What’s there to envy?” Bob snorted. “We’ve been fighting since we were children.”

“I mean, I like the way Zoe expresses her feelings so bluntly,” Cora explained. “Unlike me, who’s
always so indecisive.”

“To each their own. Envy is unnecessary.”

“True.” Cora smiled. “By the way, Mom was asking when our wedding would be… Should we do it this
year, or early next year?”

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