Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 786

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Bob quickly rose from the couch and hurried after Jay. “I’ll talk to him.”

Cora tried to speak, but ultimately chose to stay silent.

For some reason, she had this nagging feeling that Bob was more concerned about those around her
than her.

Bob gave Jay a ride home, and the journey was quiet until Bob broke the silence. “Zoe said neither of
you made up when I took her home.”

“Yeah,” Jay replied.

“If that’s so, why did you argue with Nancy like that?” Bob asked, finding Jay behavior unlike him since
he never bares his emotions like this.

“Do you think she’s been fair to Zoe?” Jay asked Bob.

“Not at all.”

“And I’ve been holding back for a while.”

“But from Nancy’s perspective…” Bob trailed off, and chuckled slyly. “Fine, that felt cathartic. I’ve been
holding back for a while, too. Sure, she was a victim, but isn’t Zoe a victim too? But she had to slam all
her pain on Zoe-I would’ve turned against her if she wasn’t an elder!”

“Yeah,” Jay replied flatly, staring outside the window with a gloomy expression.

He obviously was in a bad mood.

“So, you’re still in love with Zoe, aren’t you?” Bob asked.

Jay swallowed.

“Zoe actually told me. She felt stressed being with me, and she never did love me that much anyway,
which was why she did that thing with you,” Bob said calmly as he drove.” And you’re hopelessly in
love with her, aren’t you?”

Jay stayed silent; his reaction was basically admitting to it.

“So why did you push her away in the first place? Please don’t tell me you only realized your feelings
for her after she started dating me. I mean, you loved her from the start, didn’t you? I saw that time
when you two swapped spit right outside Levine Manor.”

As Jay turned towards him, Bob shrugged helplessly and explained, “I wanted to declare my love for
her that day, but you beat me to it… It’s been years, but no other woman ever really reached your
heart. That relationship with Mandy Jessop was all business too, no?”

“That’s why I’m curious-why reject Zoe? Because the Levines forbid it? I know for sure you’re not one
who takes things lying down, even if you never were quick to anger. Why else did you fight Nancy like
that? So tell me, what on earth made you reject Zoe in the past?”

Bob was genuinely confused; everyone could tell that Jay loved Zoe, and perhaps more than they
could see.

If that was the case, why did Jay reject Zoe? To what extent had the Levines coerced him?

To be honest, Bob knew Jay wanted nothing from the Levines; that meant they didn’t pose much of a

Moreover, Jay was a man of principles. He would never compromise himself so easily.

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