Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 787

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The interior of the car grew silent, as Jay didn’t say a word.

Bob couldn’t make him confess, and since it might be something he could not say, he understood that
he shouldn’t push Jay too far since they were as close as brothers.

Sighing, he finally said, “Whatever it is, she’s back. It’s time you take control. Life is short—miss out
once, and it might be forever.”

Jay finally spoke. “Do you think I still deserve her?”

“Wait, you don’t think so?”

“I’m a cripple with one leg,” Jay said, sounding slightly emotional.

“Please don’t tell me that’s why you never went looking for her over the past three years…”

Jay nodded in silence.

“Do you think Zoe’s that shallow?” Bob exclaimed in slight agitation, but he soon added, “Now that you
mentioned it, she actually didn’t know your leg was permanently crippled when we spoke today. She
thought it’s a temporary thing.”

Jay’s fingers clenched without realizing it, while Bob quickly explained, “She wasn’t actually repulsed-
just surprised. I really don’t think she’s that shallow.”

“But that’s just it,” Jay said. “The more you love a person, the more you’re obsessed that you’re not
good enough to be at her side…”

It was the first time he was honest about his thoughts.

So he did love her…and painfully humbly at that.

Even so, Bob still felt let down. “If you don’t push yourself to try, how would you know if she won’t
accept you?”

If you love her, go for it-the worst that could happen was failing…

However, Bob conceded that he was actually a coward as well. He himself had been afraid to confess
his feelings for Zoe after finding out that she loved him.

He would have kept it in forever if not for what happened to Zoe, too.

That being said, he was also concerned he wouldn’t be able to stay friends with Zoe afterwards-that
was certainly the case now: he and Zoe may bear no ill will towards each other, but they were no
longer the friends they were before.

As for Zoe and Jay, what more could they lose at this point?

In the end, Jay never told Bob what his decision was.

Moreover, when it came to relationships, observers could speak too much but to no effect-only those
involved would understand.

After returning home, Jay sat on his couch for a long time. He whipped out his phone, having bought
one on the way to Levine Manor.

The screen was where he left it: a chat addressed to Zoe, but he ever typed a word.

It wasn’t as if Bob’s words didn’t have an effect on him.

And yet…

For three years, Zoe never came to him.

He actually called her once before-when he was abroad, on the night the doctors told him he could
return to Zidonia.

He mustered great courage to contact her, but her number was changed.

Did that mean she chose to end things with him?

He was sure she changed her number because of him, and decided that he shouldn’t bother her any

And yet, she returned.

After three long years, he was convinced he could control his feelings when he saw her again.

Yet the more they met, the more he lost control of himself, and the more he began to yearn for her…

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