Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 789

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Sean said a little feebly, “Either way, that means we can’t work on Steven.”

“That’s not set in stone,” Cordy argued. “Even if we can’t get anything on his accounts, we can keep
tabs on his whereabouts. There’s no doubt the mysterious person would contact Steven again.
Personally, I don’t think a lawyer would take up such a huge risk just for money. He must have a stake
in terms of sentiment as well. It’s generally how most people are blinded, especially with money being
icing on the cake.”

“Alright.” Sean agreed to the plan without hesitation. “I’ll arrange for my people to keep an eye on him
in secret, and I’ll also look into his social circles to see if we can find any clues.”

“Right.” Cordy nodded. “Well, I actually have a cruder and more violent idea.”

“I expect it to be violent, but not cruder.”

Sean chuckled-Cordy was as calm as she was meticulous, and any ideas she had would have been
thought through thoroughly.

“Get the cops involved,” Cordy revealed her plan without any hesitation.

Sean frowned, and asked, “Won’t that make them realize we’re on to them?”

“When there’s nothing much to work with, making them panic is the best option.”

“Or it might just make them more wary.”

“Which is why we should put on a show to lure them out of hiding.”

Sean appeared solemn as he turned towards her, but she smiled faintly at him.

They came to a tacit understanding right there and then.

Soon, they arrived at the hotel. Cordy took Dicky’s hand and led him to the elevator.

Seeing that the doors were closing, she hurried forward and stopped the doors from closing; only to
see Lucas inside, sitting on his wheelchair while she was going to enter.

Cordy almost laughed exasperatedly-she honestly had no idea what was tying them to each other at
this point. Was it some sort of divine intervention?

Lucas was surprised to see her too, since she looked like she would never stay at this hotel.

However, Cordy’s train of thought was that if Lucas was admitted to the hospital, there would be
someone staying with him even after he gets discharged. It was very likely he was staying with the
Lynds as well; even if he wasn’t, he would find it traumatizing to stay at the hotel when he suffered such
a serious accident while he was here.

Yet, he actually stayed here…was he that masochistic?

Cordy really wanted to get out of the elevator, but Dicky excitedly walked up to Lucas’ side and asked,
“You’re discharged?”

Cordy rolled her eyes-Dicky was always eager to get chummy with Lucas whenever they met. She
wondered if John would be rolling in his grave if he knew.

“Yeah,” Lucas replied, turning away from Cordy.

“What’s your room number?” Dicky asked.

“808,” Lucas replied.

“We’re staying at 888,” Dicky told him quickly.

Cordy wanted to cut the conversation a few times, but decided to bear with it since she was afraid of
disappointing Dicky.

“Can I come to your room?” Dicky asked.

“I’m fine with it, though you should ask your mommy if she’s willing to let you come.”

“She’s not that petty,” Dicky declared smugly, his tone confident.

Cordy felt like she could die on the spot, but decided against saying what was in her mind.

Lucas smiled at her frustration. He added sarcastically,” Well then, I should thank your mommy who’s
not at all petty for allowing us to be friends.”

Cordy clenched her knuckles, but Dicky’s eyes were sparkling. He said ecstatically, “Do you think we’re

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