Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 793

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Lucas had never experienced such a move from Cordy.

He was in his wheelchair, and with one of his hands keeping a tight grip on his boxers, he couldn’t push
her away with his free hand.

All he could feel at that moment was her wild, searing kiss.

It wasn’t as if they had never kissed before. That one time, he couldn’t resist doing it as Cordy was
reeling from rage back then.

What was more, that time felt totally different from this kiss…because right now, he had no desire to
push her away.

In fact, he was starting to get hot and bothered.

Even if Cordy was awful at kissing, and one might describe it as rough and uncouth-his heart was
beginning to beat endlessly with a sense of anticipation he couldn’t describe.

No! He must not fall for this woman’s seduction!

Lucas warned himself then that he had a girlfriend, and this behavior was cheating.

His morals wouldn’t allow it!

Yet even as he was about to push her off for good, his body suddenly stiffened.

Did she… Did she just reach underneath his boxers with her hands?

How much bolder could she get?!


He stopped her from pulling off his underpants, but was unable to prevent her from groping underneath


When she was cold, she was ice-keeping people at arms’ length, with her body language basically
screaming distance.

But when she was hot, she was an incarnation of fire that threatened to immolate him.

Despite his reluctance, Lucas’s heart rate turned wild and irregular.

So this was how it feels to get aroused… The mind went fuzzy, and it felt like you were ready to give in
at a moment’s notice…


He must not fall now.

Even if he really wanted to, he must at least break up with Nana first- doing it right now would be unfair
to anyone!

He caught himself and came to a realization…that he didn’t really want to hurt Cordy.

Nonetheless, he extended his large hands and firmly pushed her off.

He thought it would take all his strength to get her off, since she wrapped herself around him like a
clingy octopus…only to find that he had pushed her abruptly to the floor.

It was almost as if she was following his motions to pull away from him; she appeared so defenseless
when he pushed her off. 1

Lucas quickly moved to help her up, only to notice the look in her eyes.

He lowered his eyes, following her gaze to finally realize what had just happened; all the while feeling a
cool breeze from the groin.

Sh*t… What a cunning woman!

Cordy tricked him!

He was now confident that Cordy kissed him exactly because she knew he would push her away.

Since that wouldn’t work with one hand, he would have to use both hands.

And once he had done that, the heavily defended boxers could be easily pulled off as he pushed her

He promptly covered his groin with both hands, snapping in utter displeasure, “You’re creeping me out,
Cordy! You filthy molester!*

On the other hand, Cordy was sitting on the floor, motionless as if she had lost all senses.

She was still staring at Lucas’s groin, even if his hands were covering it completely.

She saw it very clearly just now-it was identical in every aspect.

A man’s appearance could be changed anywhere else…but not there!

And yet, the man before her really didn’t know her.

There was no way it was feigned; she could feel as much.

Still, she realized with a start…

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